Day 3: Spring Post & Postmarked

Happy Birthday

Hi again! Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend!

Yesterday M went to her guitar lesson. Third one. And after the session her teacher told me that he couldn’t believe she just started. She’s got five or six cords memorized and can move around decently well and fairly quickly. She’s no Mozart on the guitar but I’m just so proud of her for working at it with me. She was so frustrated after her first lesson and we talked. Yesterday when were walking home I pointed out how she’s having more fun, how easier to follow her teacher too, at guitar lesson because of practice. She agreed and wants to practice some more. I’ve been motivating her to practice math and reading too and everyday for about an hour she’d be happily studying with me. Anybody homeschool? I want to get supplements and I figure the home schooling kits might be good. Suggestions?

Anyhow, I have another sneak peak from WPlus9 and this time it’s from another set: Spring Post and Postmark. I love this set because I can see a lot of use from the Postmarked set. I always date my scrapbook pages so this set will be great for that.

Happy Birthday

The card is bright. LOVE it! I printed all the paper, Back to Basic Paper Pack by Creativity by Crystal @JessicaSprague, on this card on one 8.5×11 cardstock paper. Another reason why I love this card is because I used the color purple. I don’t like purple and so being able to use it willingly and actually thinking the card ain’t bad is quite an accomplishment!

I did a few different stitching on the card. Just something to add and also to give it a little splash of darkness.

Happy Birthday

That’s that. Have a great rest of your weekend!

13 thoughts on “Day 3: Spring Post & Postmarked

  1. The card craft police called: they are looking for you! {How many color and pattern rules have you broken here? Yet, YOUR CARD IS FREAKIN’ AMAZING! That is why I love you so, missy Miss. FANTASTIC card! YOU are a hoot! {And MIGHTY talented!}

  2. *happy sigh* Yayyyy! You used purple! And it’s GLORIOUS! 🙂

    Love the painting, love the colors, looooove the stitching! 🙂 So… I guess I just love the card, lol!

    Aren’t these stamps amazing??? So excited!

  3. I HEAR you on the purple! I’ve also been trying not to hate on it so much…forcing myself to use it is actually kind of fun. I love what you’ve done. It’s so vibrant yet delicate all at the same time.

  4. Super cool card! And congrats on challenging yourself! (I’m having trouble with purple, too, but even more with orange. Such a difficult colour for me) Also, I wanted to ask you about the pinking edges on your card – is that a punch?

  5. I would never thought to pair up those colors! They look great! And the line of postage reminds me of what most of my own mail really looks like by the time I pile on the postage! God Bless the USPS! LOL!

  6. I love this card!!! The orange & purple look really good together…. I’m not a purple person either, but this looks fantastic!

    Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    okj83 at live dot com

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