It’s really not your RSS reader that’s busted. It’s me. This is my second post of the day. I know, scary, huh?!

When I went grocery shopping the other day I bought some eggs. In Indonesia eggs are sold in supermarkets, traditional markets or a little shop tucked away in an alley. I don’t remember how they are in the supermarkets but in the traditional/small shops the eggs are usually on a crate/box with hay around it… sometimes egga cartons. They’re not refrigerated. I always thought it’s normal until I came to the US and eggs are kept in the cold section.

Here in the UK eggs are not kept in the cold section. At the farm shop they’re just stacked neatly on top of each other or on cartons and at the grocery I shop at the eggs are right next to the bread. I’ve been to many brand of grocery stores now and they’re all the same, eggs are ย just sold on one of the middle aisles. At home I sometimes just leave them on the counter and they’re just fine.

Anybody know of why this difference?

Today I have another card. This time the stamps are from Waltzingmouse and the design idea also came from them, sketch #32. I did some misting and masking. You can’t really see it but there are tiny butterflies on the white cardstock. The center piece under the flower was an envelope that used to hold some gorgeous buttons. It was plain but after ink got on it the simple thing made the perfect subtle background piece.

To give the ribbon a finished look I added a button with twine.

Alrighty, that’s that. I’ll have more tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “Eggs

  1. A BEAUTIFUL card Savitri. Eggs! Perhaps the different storage methods has to do with climate/temperature. Living in Ireland, I find it better to store eggs in a cool cupboard in the lobby, that way they are closer to room temp for baking & cooking. This way they are not inclined to crack when boiling for instance & there is no need to bring them to room temp for baking. Some people do store them in the ‘fridge but the shops & supermarkets do not.
    Well, that’s my tuppence worth!

  2. Love your bold flower framed with the pretty frippery stamping Savitri!

    I think they are refrigerated in the US because they are not necessarily from nearby and it keeps them fresh longer, where a small store near a farm where the eggs were laid would be selling them pretty quickly and no need for refrigeration.

  3. Gorgeous Card!!! I love the background stamping beautiful.. with the added texture. Your ribbon tie is just wonderful. You have great colours selection and combo ๐Ÿ™‚

    Here.. we get eggs.. in normal open shelves either in the egg rak or in plastics. I keep in the fridge when I get home to prolong its freshness.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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