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Whiz Bang Girl

Wow, it’s Thursday AND pass mid-month. Before we all know it’ll be February!! There’s nothing overly exciting over here, just looking forward to M’s birthday party in a few weeks.

Check out the little babe above. She’s been into playing games on my phone. Jovie is quick with the computer. I copied her signing video onto my laptop’s desktop and she can go from turning the machine on to watching it. She’s been doing this for a month or two, I can’t remember.

Many kids are surrounded with technology nowadays. This week my grad. students are discussing our digital nation and it’s been very lively. Here’s the video if you’re interested.

As much as we embrace technology my students and I agree that there should be a good balance between real life and technology.

M has access to many things, dangerously too many and I am on them quite a bit too, Β but I want to teach her to value real life gatherings and to not be texting/on the phone/gadgets while she’s with other people — unless it’s an emergency of course or adding other people’s phone numbers/emails. Right now, as much as she ask for it, we don’t have a DVD system in the car. We do games or look outside when we drive. Whenever she gets a portable device there’s no ways she’s going to be walking and be on that thing. At a restaurant she’s going to interact with all of us and not be tuned into her little gadget. If we’re all waiting to be seated I’ll let her entertain herself but once we’re all conversing, gadgets off. Most of you know we don’t have TV subscription. We do have NetFlix though and M can only watch on weekends. Besides reading and mathematics practice everyday (paper and pencil) we encourage play-time with friends and doing activities outside the home.

What do you do to balance your kids’ tech usage?

On the page… it’s been a while since I scrapbooked just because. Lately my work’s been design team related so it felt nice to just use whatever. Also, I’ve been working the last few and the last time I sat to craft was ages ago it seemed that this little bit of activity felt extra nice. It helped me unwind.

Here are some details of my work… The flower I didn’t make. My super talented friend Terrie did (you should check out her blog… there’s an AWESOME paper bow tutorial!!). SheΒ sent me some lovelies soon after we moved to the UK. She decorated this box with the below flower. I’ve since moved the goodies into one of my IKEA drawers and I thought that this flower was just too pretty to be on an empty box. So it moved and it fits so perfectly on the page! Terrie also gave me some pretty pins and I used two of them here. The pink chipboard is Crate Paper.

Whiz Bang Girl

Before Christmas I got a few things from Etsy and one of the store used the below ticket as a thank you tag. I saved it because it’s so cute and here is its permanent home. The key is from American Craft.

Whiz Bang Girl

This page was created using Pencil Lines’ sketch, #221, I LOVE it because of the simple design and also the butterflies. I added this big piece, just one, since there are already butterflies on the Webster’s Page pattern paper. I’ve also dug out the American Crafts dimensional butterflies before I got to creating this page and so didn’t want to clutter up the page too much with butterflies. I added some rhinestones for a bit of blingage.

Whiz Bang Girl

K, that’s it. Have a great one and take care!

9 thoughts on “Kids and Technology

  1. OMG that is soooo crazy that Jovie is doing that. yes kids are surrounded by technology. in a couple fo years babies will pop out with iphone apps alerting you when they are hungry. hahahah

    Time is flying by so fast… before we know it it will be dec again πŸ™‚

  2. That is all I see now – kids using parents phones and they’re so young. Just talked to Mac on our way home from work today and reminded him how I entertained myself with a sticker book when I was a child and how that probably wouldn’t work today! haha Just gotta use the technology in useful ways I guess, like educational games!

    Anyway, this page is ON FI-YAH (fire)! I love it and the photos too! πŸ˜‰

    BTW, I was on here earlier re-learning the create clipping mask technique and I DID IT! Thanks to you! πŸ™‚

  3. Oh, I LOVE it! Isn’t that so nowadays!!! Kids and technology everywhere you go! I will have to tell my child one day that, “Hey, when mommy was little, she didn’t get store bought stuff, she had to make her own toys!” Are you kidding me? Our kids have it good now, don’t they? Love all the embellies on your layout, so colorful!

  4. Such a lovely LO.. Jovie is so techy cute :). See how much mommy loves her… that is all I can say about your page. Just gorgeous ! πŸ™‚

  5. This page is fabulous, Savitri! Loved all the detail.

    Both Jovie and M seem to be as tech savvy (if not more) as their mom :-p. And you know what? I am making notes in my mind with every post of yours. You are an inspiration!! And I really do want to be a mom like you πŸ™‚ {HUGS}


  6. okay, I think this is my new Savitri layout fav:)

    It’s amazing how techie kids are these days…I’m guilty of encouraging the whole techie stuff in my household…I won’t tell you how many laptops, iPods etc we have..

  7. oh yeah, we’ve come a long way with how kids keep themselves busy. But I’m sure it depends, if you are computer savvy or you like gadgets and stuff, then you’re most likely to have yer kids play around with them. If not then you might buy story books of the sorts to keep yer child busy. This wkend for example, while visiting my friend’s home (so that i can practive le french with them) their lil boy Gabriel, he luvs books and toys, no computer. So it all depends on the parents, no rite or wrong, unless you have yer kids hooked up on them 24/7 πŸ™‚

    Luv the page, so many fun embellies and luv them on the page!

    C πŸ™‚

  8. I am a strong believer that technology not only makes the learning process much more fun, but it also creates allows a more hands-on experience for kids! If you are interested in other educational products for kids, I would check out our educational apps! πŸ™‚

    Best Regards

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