Hubs Delusional


The other night, over dinner, hubby and I were commenting on how slow Jovie’s hair is growing. The conversation went more less like this:

Me: Jovie’s back hair is growing but the front is still so short.
Hubby: They’ll grow.
Me: She’s still cute, but a bit more hair on the forehead would be good.
Hubby: Well, just be patient, good things come to those who waits.
Me: Hmmm, guess so.
Hubby: Like my hair for example. They’re just not here yet, still waiting for them to grow.
Me: {I stared, mouth opened… five seconds later…} HA HA HA HA HA {tears rolling down}. You’re delusional. You’d be waiting forever for your hair to grow.
Hubby: Hmpf

Here’s my little rotten brat and her hair… Looks just like daddy! Still a skinny little thing… taller but skinny!!

The book… I think it’s starting to be an M thing now these little books. I’ve made five now for different girls and they all loved their books. This was another gift I made for M’s friend, whose birthday party was last week. I love making these little booklets because not only are they easy they’re really fun too. The girls like them because they’re cute and personalized.

There are a bit of dimension on the cover which I think makes the front more interesting… it’s not so flat ya know.


For this particular one I used a little bit of Dear Lizzy stickers, American Craft dimensional stickers, My Little Shoe Box clouds, Sassafras owl stamps, Pebbles paper and some Cosmo little alphabets. I do need to get more of the 3/4″ wires. They are perfect for a 20 page booklet.

I wrapped the booklet with the door hanger with this handmade paper. I know the paper looks brown and serious but I dunno, I kind of like it because even though 7-yr-olds are still kids it’s nice here and there to get something that looks somewhat grown-up-ish. I remember as a kid it was always special when an adult thought that I was mature or grown up — even if it was for a minute. To sweeten it up I added the baker’s twine and flowers. I did though put this wrapped gift into a fun gift bag and the content are age appropriate {::SMILES}.

Gift Wrapping

Have a great one! It’s Friday, YEAH!!! This week went by fast!

5 thoughts on “Hubs Delusional

  1. gorgeous little book.. such a nice gift :).. you gal is so cute.. and you really have a great sense of humour..

    have a great weekend 🙂

  2. Every thing about that front cover is SOOO SWEET! I’m in awe, I’m so inspired to really start a mini book, but you know I never will – not anytime soon…I used to be so good at doing the more difficult projects…it’s become too comfortable just making cards now, you know. Love the photos!

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