Dear Diary

Hanging Door Tag

When I was younger I tried to keep a diary but each one never lasted more than 10 entries. Then I started blogging, started after M was born and then I went into this craft blog. Granted I wasn’t as regular when it was just a baby update blog at least I kept it up.

I think it was before Christmas, or maybe even Thanksgiving, hubby was talking to our neighbor friend and our friend said (more less): “Ok, I’ll put it in my diary.” I looked at him and said, “So, you have like a diary where you regularly journal?” He looked at me and laughed. That was the day when I learned that in the UK people call their calendars, diaries. So when somebody says, “I’ll check my diary.” It’s not their “dear diary” they’re checking. I’ve heard the word diary here and there when people were conversing but it didn’t click that it was their calendar they were talking about.

Even though I say “hiya” here and there when I greet and “cheers” at the end I have not started using the word diary for my calendar. Speaking of, I know one little person who’s turning British on us. She switches back and forth or mix them all up but the other day she said “Ai(r) Mina” instead of “A Minor”. The first time she said it I went, “WHAT?” If she wasn’t holding her guitar I wouldn’t have guessed!!

And the door hanger…

Made the above using Pebbles Inc very cute Cats and Dogs goodies. Every Wednesday the Pebbles Blog have this 30-minutes or less project highlights called Whip it Up Wednesday and today is my day along with two other DTs.

The size of this project is 4×4, coaster size, and it took me 20-minutes to do. I made this for M’s little friend who had a birthday party last Friday. According to M all the girls, seven others there, loved it and they all want me to make them one. HA!! I haven’t agreed but who knows, maybe one day when I don’t have a birthday to plan and grading to do besides DT work and housework.

For the details do visit Pebbles’ blog. You’ll see all the materials that I used and what the other two ladies did!

Have a great one!!

6 thoughts on “Dear Diary

  1. Such a pretty project.. love the meow cat n fishes 🙂

    When I was younger, I used to think diary as a journal.. never kept any :p… but moving into the corporate world.. diary is naturally known as our calendar. I am just bad at keeping both :p. but for work.. develop my own tracking styles.

  2. Let me just say, “MEOOOOOOWWWWZZZZZAAAA!” This is ADORABLE! Perfect incentive to keep the diary “purrring” along… {oh, stop! I couldn’t resist!} hee hee I was a pretty good diary keeper, myself…. back in the day. Computers kind of ruined it for me, because I can type so fast, but it doesn’t feel as “safe.” I dunno. Either way, with SUCH a cute journal, sky’s the limit! Love this, m’dear!

  3. adorable door hanger…love all the bits and it when you share what you learn about living on the other side of the pond…sooo interesting!

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