M’s Invite + RSVP Page

M's Party Invite

Been very busy here! Wanted to blog yesterday but got too sleepy after staying up until 5 a.m. Sunday night to do last minute prepping for my online class and getting M’s invite and rsvp page ready to go. Tomorrow she’ll be handing out the invites I made her to her classmates.

The above was what I created. I was going to do something very simple but this digital card, Daisy Jane (lovely and vintage!!) by Carina Gardner caught my eyes and voila. Everything was so perfect. All I had to do was type the info, made the name bold and arranged the text to fit the card and I was done. I removed the location and the RSVP website to for safety and spam reason but you get the picture. Oh, can you see the QR code between the girls and the text? If people know what that is, they can scan the code with their mobile and it’ll take them to the RSVP page (I removed part of the QR code too for the same reasons).

Then, using one of Carina’s digital kit, same Daisy Jane line (elements and paper), I created the RSVP page. This is the splash page.


After you click on the “RSVP” you’ll get to the form below. There’s a little something I have to fix, Adult Phone is one word, but this will be where parents can respond.


After clicking submit they’ll get to this page and get a response based on what they clicked on for “Attendance”. An email will also be sent to them… again they differ based on their response, with info on how to cancel, a reminder on when and where the party will be, and our phone number. A few days before the event parents with children attending or who replied with a maybe will also get an email reminder.


Ok, so it all looks so high tech and difficult but it’s not, at least for me. I used to do this for my old job. I was the e-vite lady at the university. It was by accident. I was the chair for the social event for the professional staff and for a few years I got the job of sending out the e-vite. Although it’s always been an e-vite, the old e-vite wasn’t that great. So over time I made it better (not perfect, but better) and by the time I left people could rsvp and cancel and rsvp again and cancel again, etc, get a reminder, and those involved could view who were attending online — made it very easy to talk to catering without waiting for me to give them the info. A few other folks on campus liked the e-vite and for a couple of years I did a few others.

When I create a card/scrapbook I don’t usually go all theme-y. I might have a snow-flake here and there for a Christmas page/card but often time they’re pretty non-traditional. I took that approach with M’s birthday invite and page. Even though it’s a funky dress party with carnival type games and more I went ahead and used these pieces because not only do I love them but miss M does too — and she loves it when it’s different.

That’s it! Have a great one!! I gotta do some grading! Laters!!

11 thoughts on “M’s Invite + RSVP Page

  1. OMGoodness a QR code on a little girls invite. You may not believe it but you are high tech. What a great package of invite, RSVP and Thank you pages. Emma is so lucky to have you for a mom. Get some sleep!

  2. Very cute Savitri! what a neat invite! totally luving all the effort you put into the invitation! I wish my mom was digi-savy to make my invitation 🙂

    C 🙂

  3. This is so cool… I love your work.. combining craft and technology.. awesome way to go…
    Love all the details of the planning. Just perfect.. M’s one lucky gal to have such a talented mommie 🙂

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