Tut: Clipping Mask

Hello hello! Today I have a little video tutorial to accompany the above digital page. I needed to test my equipments before the semester starts and make a couple new videos for my students. Also, it’s been a while since I did one and I thought a little warm up wouldn’t hurt. I didn’t have time to zoom in and all that but I think this tutorial’s fine without having to zoom in. Viewing on YouTube in full-screen mode is best if you can’t see it well here on my blog.

Enjoy the video and hope you like my 5 minute scrapbook page! {::SMILES}.


The above page was created using a quick page template by Creativity by Crystal at JessicaSprague.com. Software is Adobe Photoshop CS4.

8 thoughts on “Tut: Clipping Mask

  1. I know—I’m such a dork! I was floored this morning to wake up to a comment from SAVITRI in my inbox! You truly are a rock star in my world. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog. I know you are busy, busy, busy.

    BTW, I loved to read that Pebbles, Inc. was one of your DT goals. I was a die-cut girl in the very early days of Pebbles in my Pocket. They were my very first introduction to the wonderous world of all things scrapbook.


  2. I learned something new today! YAAAY! Clipping mask! I’ve never used that – just the free transform! I’m so excited that I’m about to pull out my macbook at work and play (yes, I bring my computer to work with me to play during slow times)! 🙂 Love this. I’m not into digi scrapping, but it looks so fun! Maybe it’ll grow on me and it can be one of the things I try that’s ‘new’ this year! 😉

  3. I’m saving this to try, love how easy it was to follow although I do like to see what prompts you are opening and the screen was too wide to see that on here until you moved over your layer bars. Great tutorial!!!

  4. Love the digi LO. M looks so cute here .. very pretty 😀

    I love your tutorial.. if I may ask.. what software are using for this.. clipping is really cool.. Love it 🙂

  5. Little M is os pretty, I am sure she will have a lady beauty later then. And thanks for the tutorial scrapy work, too bad I dont own Adobe Photoshop, I wish I could have one then! I believe there are so many things can be done in this software…!!

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