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To do…

You’ve had those days, right? Between working, M’s birthday coming up, her first big birthday party, and household stuff I’ll be a bit swamped. They’re all fun though so it’s not all bad. I know where my priorities are at least and so if some things aren’t like I imagine them to be (like oh so nice decors for the party) I’ll learn to be ok with it. M’s having a funky dress-up + carnival + whatever mom comes up with party. We’re kind of winging it really. I think M came up with funky dress up so that she can wear a tutu over tights with different color leg warmers and whatever shoes. Who knows really but that’s what she wants and as long as she’s not in her birthday suit… or a bikini in the middle of winter… it’s ok with me.

Today I have a little page of little Miss J when we were still in MO. These photos were taken the last week or two before our move. Can’t you tell she loves mac and cheese? {::SMILES}. I love these photos not only because they’re cute but because the natural lighting was abundant. That’s something we don’t get often here in the UK. Although the lack of sun doesn’t bother me personally (I’d prob. be happy at a space center for months at a time as long as I’ve got a lot of good books and the Internet. Most likely I’ll get a decent salary so I’ll spend a lot of time online shopping, ha ha!!) it does effect my photo taking needs. I have a very nice flash but there’s nothing better than nice natural light.

The page itself is pretty simple. I used a template from JessicaSprague.com: The Office Quick Page by Splendid Fin. When I have more time I’ll share how I create this page. You’ll see how easy it was!! I think it took me 10 minutes! I do have plans on doing regular tutorials — Maybe on a Tuesday or Thursday since Wednesday’s already taken by one of my favorite and super talented bloggy friend and I don’t commit to big things on Mondays or Fridays, HA! Plus, I still need to get a high def. video camera. Mine is older than M and in technology that’s ancient!!

I’ll post more later! I know that tomorrow I’ll have a Pebbles card to share. Till then!!

6 thoughts on “1001 Things

  1. Too precious! I love the vibrancy of the ‘yellow’ bowl, makes such a statement! You have more guts than me girl…I couldn’t stand mac n cheese on the floor like that…lol…I’m too neaty and freaky that way….I need help!

  2. cute cute scrap page, slow down and take a break when you feel overwhelmed 🙂 so take pics of M’s bday party 🙂 I wanna see what she wears, hehe.

    C 🙂

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