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New anything is always exciting. A new date, a new house, a new baby, a new page, or a new year. To some it’s a chance to start over again, a new beginning. After the newness fades we’d struggle, get bored, get steady, or still be very excited about it.

Those who’s followed my blog for a few years probably remember that I don’t do resolutions. I just have goals. On Jan. 1st this year I listed the below goals. I have 15 more days until 2011 and I need to see what I haven’t done…

  • Keep my sanity throughout our big move to the UK
  • Keep a positive attitude while trying to adjust to our new home (and the military)
  • Adjust well to unemployment
  • Be a good housewife if it comes to me staying at home
  • Try to see if I can get my Ph.D. while in the UK
  • Craft more varieties of things if I end up staying at home
  • Keep up with my technical skills if I end up not working in my field
  • Take more naps if I end up staying at home
  • Cook more food from scratch
  • Be a better photographer
  • Be less sarcastic and more sweet
  • Try to learn to beat around the bush more
  • Try not to be online while in the bathroom

Hmm… The housewife thing… uhm yeah… a housekeeper for my Christmas present, please!! On crafting… ha! Some high hopes there {::SMILES}. Naps… I think I’ve taken four naps since I’ve been here. Sarcasm… well, it’s just me and between it and my bluntness, I’m special. No bushes for me! And last… come on, you all do it too!!! The housewife thing is the hardest for me; I just hate housework. SUCKS! I had a hard time adjusting to being at home too but now all’s great.

2011 is just around the corner and for some reason I am very excited about it. It’s a new year and a new beginning for new goals. I also want to pick a new one little word. This year’s word is journey. Perfect, right? This year has been a gigantic journey and I, we, love every bit of it. Last, project 365. I’ve been keeping up with this, it’s been esp. easier since I got a new smartphone with a camera but sometimes it’s a struggle because we didn’t do anything interesting that day in my opinion. Due to the many different cameras I gave up sharing, plus there were some personal pics, e.g. bathtub pics of the girls, and I quit that half way through it. For 2011 I want to use something else instead of the blog.

Nuff rambling about 2010/2011 goals… on to the page…

Ok, so it was REAAAALLY hard to scrap with just three colors. Even though I had other pretty pattern paper I had no embellishments that’d fit really well with the pictures. I think though, when it’s scrapbooking and doing a color challenge it’s ok to cheat a bit here and there because sometimes it’s very hard to avoid colors outside the required ones, e.g. a bit of green on leaves.

Here’s a close-up of the pics. All were my attempts to capture her different expressions that she made for the camera. All but the butterfl came from a Crate Paper kit. The butterfly was created using an SU die and sparkled up with some Stickles.

Say Cheese

Alright, that’s it. Off to think of my 2011 word and some goals. Until next time!

7 thoughts on “New Year

  1. Love your project. Its clean and its just gorgeous.. and I can see that you have fun doing it 😀

    Thanks for sharing your goals and journey this year.. I dont think I have one for 2010 lol. bad me!
    I have one big one for 2011… you know what it is.. hopefully it comes true!!!! 🙂 cant wait!

  2. What a lovely layout! Those photos are just sooo cute! 🙂

    I think it’s great to have goals. We can’t really change…just maybe become better versions of ourselves…sarcasm can really be a form of affection…;)

  3. Real Cute Savitri, Jovie’s sure does how to make diff faces 🙂 You did good with only 3 colors! I likey! In regards to the new years, not making any, it always fall apart … that new year’s resolution thing, blah! I’ll try to hit the gym more, hehe …

    C 🙂

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