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I need a new model. My current one has been going on strike (a lot) lately… or I have to hike up the price before she would let me take photographs of her. Usually I’d get a back or her moving a lot (she knows I prefer her staying still since I use her to experiment) but today I got the above.

My backup model is not reliable. Maybe in a few months she’ll be better but right now she’s as uncooperative as my main girl.

Aaaahhh… I guess she doesn’t know that it’s harder nowadays to find a job. I should probably use the unemployment rate to reason with her! The thing is, she’s really good at modeling for me… on good days that is.

Well, gotta go and think of ways to get my girls to be ready on demand when the black box wants some action. Also, I just received my new lens (after almost a month in the mail) and want to do more photo editing from today’s session and play with some Photoshop editing and actions. I’m not quite getting the feel I want and it’s frustrating!! The lens itself is gorgeous. Love it to pieces! See how creamy the background is on the photo above? Aaaaaah… all the savings was worth it!! I’ll post something crafty tomorrow! Until then!!

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