Some Cuteness…

My strobe light or my camera is acting up. I need to find another cable and maybe another light too if the cable doesn’t make a difference to figure out which equipment is not working. It’s been getting dark at 4 p.m. here and I’ve been needing the strobe light a couple of times this last week. I hope it’s not my camera though because although I have a warranty on it I have to send it to the US for fixing!

So yesterday I was testing the light, which worked most of the time but not on the settings I wanted (which make me think it’s the camera), and got these shots. Jovie is such a little ham. She knows that the little black box captures images, her images, and that the images will show up behind the little black box or the big screen. Because of this, each time I point the camera at her she’ll do whatever I ask her to do. Which of course for me is a sweet deal!

This is one of my favorite:

Her oh so loved cheesy smile, on command since she was a bit over a year old. She was doing all sorts of poses for me and although my camera wasn’t fast enough for her every expression I did get a few which I will scrapbook and share more of.

The poor kid still has no hair up front (the back is growing better even though you can’t tell from the photo). I kept blaming the hair on her daddy:

See the resemblance? Not the cuteness… the hair!

Then the other cuteness is M. I made the above page for her using some goodies from Carina Gardner at I LOVE Carina’s stuff and so glad that she decided to sell at JS!

I hope you all have a great day!!


Haunted Paper Set 1
Haunted Tag
Pinefeathers Border
Pinefeathers Title
Pinefeathers Stickers
Pinefeathers Paper Collection Set

5 thoughts on “Some Cuteness…

  1. Cheesy smiles make me smile! 🙂 And I think Drew spit Jovia out – too much resemblance! ha

    Love M’s pose in the layout! Is this a hybrid layout? It’s nice, nonetheless.

    I hope you fix your camera…that’s no fun!

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