Happy BDay Sinterklaas!

In some countries today is celebrated as Santa’s birthday!

I wasn’t close to my grandma. She was quiet and aloof, not the warm and fuzzy kind of grandma. I remember always feeling awkward when I was around here and never knowing what to say or do. But when I think of my Christmas childhood days in Indonesia, after returning from the US, she’s what I remember. It was during her time that Christmas was celebrated in my dad’s side of the family — after she passed away Christmas died with her. She introduced me to Sinterklaas and would always sing this song, Sinterklaas Kapoentje to us:


She’d always have lots of Speculaas, and told me that if I wasn’t good Zwarte Piet will come and put me in a bag and take me away to who knows where. She’d take us to see Sinterklaas and Piet at a shop and on our outing she’d also take us to a Dutch bakery to pick out little pastry treats. But grandma’s Christmas didn’t involve presents.

While living in the US (I think I was almost 6 and we left before I turned 10) I did get Christmas presents but I’ve questioned Santa’s existence from the get go because Santa only stopped by twice and he never got me what was on my list while my friends did. Exchanging presents or getting presents from Santa wasn’t an Indonesian thing either so for a while I thought that I was always a bad girl.

This is why I always try to get M whatever’s on her Santa’s list so that she can have the magical feel of Christmas and Santa Clause for as long as possible. It ALWAYS makes me happy when I see her on Christmas morning (and when she preps cookies for him the night before), excited about Santa’s visit and all the goodies he left her.

Here’s a little Christmas gift giving money tip: Save a few bucks each month and put it in a separate account. This way when Christmas comes along it won’t be to tough on the budget. You can expand on this concept for birthday (parties), vacations, or go a bit buck wild like us and have a wedding fund. Yes, we’ve been putting $30/mo into a mutual fund since M was born… weddings can get expensive!!!

Card Info:

Today’s card is brought to you by American Crafts and Clear and Simple Stamps: Icon Extras. I’ve had these ribbons for a little bit now. Although hubby would usually get me big crafty tools for birthdays/Christmas now and then he’d get me little things like ribbons, stamps, etc. for stocking stuffers. I don’t usually use AC ribbons for card making but since I have a few rolls of them now I figured I need to try and work them into a project. So here it is. I love the sentiment from CSS, it’s the perfect size and the font’s really fun too!

Ok, I hope you have a great one… 2.5 weeks until Christmas!!!

7 thoughts on “Happy BDay Sinterklaas!

  1. What a touching story… we celebrated Sinterklaas yesterday. Our daughter got spoiled again as usual.
    The fragment of the video you posted is about a great Sinterklaas movie. Especially dear to me since Winky ( the girl in the movie)is Chinese as is my daughter.
    Hope Santa will be good to you and your family this year!

  2. Hi Savitri!!!!

    It has been a long long time since I have stopped by, in fact I think Jovia was only a newborn and now she can point to her nose! Wow where does time go. I just want to wish your family a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy your children on Christmas morning. Hugs~Donna from ButternutsageDesigns

  3. I love how you shared such a special memory. I want Christmas to be special for my girls as well. Now I wish I would have started a wedding fund for all 3 of them!! What a wise idea.

  4. Beautiful card! Love how you used the ribbons!

    I miss my granny a lot… she passed away last Jan and she was the craftiest person in our family 🙂 She embroidered till her last days when she was hospitalized! Her doc encouraged her too because that was the only way her fingers wouldn’t get stiff… she cooked the most amazing and sometimes most creative food ever..and she told me tales of the years gone by.

    We don’t exchange christmas gifts as Hindus but I do love the festivities… I get myself some plum cake; buy gifts for my son and decorate a tree 😀


  5. Thanks for sharing your story about your grandmother/Christmas – I love hearing stories like this! My grandmother was originally from Austria, so she had some very similar traditions. Her Black Peter was called “Krampus”; she would also put out the US storebought version of speculaas commonly known as “windmill cookies.” She was never a big Christmas gift-giver either; I remember often getting a single paperback book as a gift, and not even a good one – and then later my grandpa would pull me aside and give me a much bigger gift “just between us” lol. Now that she’s gone, I wish I would have spent more time learning about her traditions!

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