Happy Thanksgiving day everyone!! I hope all of you celebrating will have a wonderful time with their loved ones!!! I know we will be. Today our little family will have a small feast of duck and different side dishes. While doing a project for M’s school on this topic we learned that the pilgrims and indians didn’t sit down for a turkey meal, the turkey came later, but most likely it was duck and other animals that they hunted back then.

I hope that today we’ll all be thankful for each other and the time that we have together.

I hope you also enjoy the little card that I have to share with you today. It’s a very clean and one layered card using Clear and Simple’s Happy Fall set. I love this card because it’s clean AND I won’t have to pay an extra $.17 to mail it off {::SMILES}.

You all have a great one and if you are one of them Black Friday early morning shopper, stay safe!!!

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