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Ok, nuff of that {::SMILES}. Today WPlus9 wants to focus on Distress Ink. After emailing Dawn and telling her that I’ve got none and she told me that I can focus on using ink in general I remembered that I purchased some Distress Crackle Paint some while back and never used it. So today I want to focus on it — with ink of course!

For this card I did some regular stamping on the the two, left and right, ornaments. For the center I used the paint.

The paint comes with a brush and to to use it is like applying finger nail polish to your nails but thicker.

Let it dry, and this does take some while, or you can use a heat gun to hasten it up a bit.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good picture of it. But if you look at the Crackle jar again it more less looks like the crackles on the label. Fine little crackles like that. I’m not so sure if I like it. I think if the crackle was a bit bigger I’d like it more.

Have a goodie and until next time!!

5 thoughts on “All Eyes On…

  1. Hellooooooo there, mother of Miss Funny-face! {Such a GIRRRRRRL!} Love the stark and gorgeous use of these terrific images, here, Madame! I’m a HUGE fan of the crackle paints, but I have to admit that there’s a huge assortment of crackle effects that can happen and haven’t quite mastered what’s going to happen and WHEN, but I do love the surprise! I love your spirit of making AEO work! YOU, my dear, are a PRO! Yeee Haw!

  2. this is so pretty.. crackled paint.. I havent got one or tried it yet.. must be FUN!!!!
    Love your gal cutesy naughty photo 😀

    Thanks for your wishes .. .

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