$1 Wed + Craft Room Pt. 1

I have a couple things I want to share today. The first is the above layout which was created using Echo Park’s digital kits sold at Jessica Sprague’s website today for $1! There are other kits for sale too, like Cosmo Cricket, Carina Gardner and Kitschy Designs. Jessica also has a new FREE class starting Nov. 29th so while you’re on the website do check that out!!

The second is… my still in the making craft room re-organization. Let me share what I’ve got before I ruin my room because who knows when I’ll make it to IKEA again to get the other pieces I need.

When you walk in this is what you’d see. And yes, the corner fixture is often like that. Jovie loves to be read and that’s one thing that hubby insisted on being in this room, his red chair so that he can read while I craft/be on the computer.

Craft Room

Then here’s my oh so clear desk. The two things in front of the chair are the keyboard and Wacom tablet. The desk was hauled from the US. It’s vintage but the two drawers are the new IKEA Alex drawers. I got these on sale, IKEA Family members only, for ยฃ37.50 or about $60. The lamp and paper tray are also IKEA. On the top of the right drawers I have a portable paper trimmer, mat, and Scor-It. There’s a 3-4 cm gap between the table leaf and drawers.

Craft Room

Here’s a close-up of the tray. They each slide out which is nice. You can see what’s on the top. On the second tier are embellishments that I need to return to the Clip-It-Up. The last tray are paperwork, mail, photos, etc.

The inside of the left drawers are the goodies below and the fifth drawer, lowest one, is filled with clear or onsie rubber stamps that I’ve randomly purchased here and there.

Here’s the big shabang, the Expedit. I used three different bins: The green and orangeย Kassett, the black Drona, and the leather looking Kotebo. On the top is a basket filled with felt and yarn, also IKEA but I can’t find it on their website, ย some framed pieces (the dog is my first dog and my ex-hubby drew that for me since Kato was our dog while we were together, my ex is a VERY good visual artist), and my portable carry-on. I used to have this green thing on my desk but now that I have drawers it’ll stay up there until I go to a crop.

Craft Room

Next to the Expedit is another Alex and the Clip-It-Up.

Below is Jovie showing you what’s in the Kotebo. All three of the Kotebo are filled with Stampin’ Up! stamps. Now, these stamps were in the Drona, which I think was better for the stamps (a tad bit more room), but I had to use the Drona for my kits. The 1/2″ made a difference!! The Kassett has Thickers and the other one refills/extras.

Here are the kits in the Drona. It’s not a perfect solution but it’ll do for now. I think though in terms of this the most perfect thing to do is to use what I purchased!! Three of the Drona are full of Scarlet Lime and Studio Calico kits, one is filled with 12×12 paper and wins and the last has all my Pebble’s DT beautifulness.

Craft Room

Here’s a close-up of the bottles that I have on the Bygel baskets. This is their temporary home.

Craft Room

The above are there now because we still have these to hook up. I have a couple shelves + brackets, a couple Bygel rods, and a Grundtal magnetic knife rack. We’ll put these up after we get a desk or the Hemnes. So that’ll be in Pt. 2 of this post. I just don’t want to hang stuff prematurely because these wall are not easy to put nails or screws into. Plus I want them centered with whatever I purchase. I need something to put here, where all the junk is so that I can replace the bookcase next to it which is falling apart.

Craft Room

I’ve had the bookcase since I was married to my ex-husband. It’s a really functional piece but although not quite showing it’s coming undone. The baskets came from WalMart/Target and the top holds misc. office stuff, the bottom left has cables while the right has unfinished sewing projects. Oh, the center, M made that and it’s a picture of her little penpal Sofie. Ok, they haven’t been writing but M’s got a soft spot for Sofie ha ha… I have a few things I need to put away next to the red basket and after that’s done hubby will have a little spot to put his book (under all my crap, see?) and tea/hot cocoa. I still have books on the shelf too but after the office is all done they’ll all go there. I am considering a desk to replace this piece because I want to put my laptop, sewing machine AND Klik-N-Kut on this table. I ran out of outlet space on the other end. Hubby said I’ve got too many electronic crap! If I go with the desk route I’ll get more drawers. The Hemnes is very nice but it’ll be cool if I can sit and sew. We’ll see…

See where the KnK is? If I merge the two bookshelves together the room will be a bit more spacious and just more organized. Like how I made use of the Cards and Scrapbook Trends mags? Those are the months I got published in he he… I had to lift the KnK up a bit so that when cutting the mat won’t hit that wooden piece (you can see a bit of it on the left) on the back). The piles of things… hubby calls them the Savitri piles. I don’t have homes for them yet. I need more drawers. The two boxes are scrap paper from projects. I’ll go through them soon. Then there are misc. scrapbook kits on that back corner too. Old Studio Calico stuff.

Craft Room

Then there are still things on the window. Yes, that’s another paper trimmer!

Craft Room

On the left of the window are my buttons. I got some Rajtan spice jars for really cheap at IKEA. After I get some shelves these will go up there although I don’t mind them where they are.

Craft Room

This is old but it’s where I keep my paper, clear stamps, Nesties and die-cut + embossing folders. The brown and tan pieces were from Pottery Barn.

Craft Room

Well, that’s it. I still have a few things to do but for the most part I now have a more functional and organized room. Also, just FYI, there was nothing removed from the room before I took the pics. What you see is what I now have. Oh, let me show you what my stuff were in before I go:


The first two bottoms were Stampin’ Up! stamps, the next ribbons, then the big bins held kits. Inside the big bin is another bin that was the home of my Pebbles DT stuff. The smaller ones were other little things. The above were what I lived on since I started blogging and collecting paper and stamping goodness. I’ve purchased a few things before I blogged but it was just the last few years that I really went on a collecting spree.

Have a great one and I hope this post can help you organize your own space!!

13 thoughts on “$1 Wed + Craft Room Pt. 1

  1. Holy smokes! That room is HUGE!! I wish I had all that space and those organizational tools. We’re hoping to get new carpet in my craft space this Christmas. Then, I’ll take pics (It’s too embarrassing to take pictures now. I think the carpet is like 40 years old!!), and you’ll, completely, understand :). Ha! Thanks for sharing! So fun!

  2. Oh my gosh, what a really super sweet layout, can I have her pj’s? Darling! I remember when my C was that age, oh my – he would get into every little drawer possible and just throw everything out! lol…..not so anymore, but those are fun times to remember! Your craft space looks great!

  3. FIRST OF ALL, that L/O is FABULOUS! I’m SUCH a digi phobe, but this actually looks fun to me! {Can I borrow your baby to make an ADORABLE L/O, too? hee hee} THEN, your STUDIO! {Drool, drool, drool!} That LIGHT! Oh, it’s coming together, beautifully! It’s SUCH work, but oh, you’ll REALLY know where everything is for a WHILE! {?} Great and inspirational pics, my love!

  4. Hi Savatiri…
    I adore your LO…
    Love your craft space its fab…lovin all those units you got…TFS…..
    Hubbie trying to be casual there is he!!!lol…..
    Always a pleasure to catch up..
    Enjoy the rest of your week:) xxx

  5. what a great space. I love my expedit shelves and have the cubbies full of stamp sets and a few tools. I like how you have yours set up. I use my Grundtal magnetic knife rack for my hand held punches, so strong. I will have to go look for the Bygel baskets because your glitter fits in it so well and I have to find a home for that new stash. Thanks for sharing

  6. I love your craft room! haha… now I can show hubby that I don’t really have a lot of crafty stuffs ๐Ÿ˜› but seriously, I feel that I have very little stuffs after seeing some of you girls’ stashes! hehehe…. maybe it’s cos crafty stuffs are priced exorbitantly in Malaysia ๐Ÿ˜› If it’s priced the same as in the US, gulp, I think I will have as much things as you…!! hehehehehehe ๐Ÿ˜›

    Love love love that your hubby accompanies you while you craft! My hubs normally sits in the room next to mine… ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I had planned to just scan your blog post, but I got pulled in. It is so nice and organized (even what’s not organized is organized). Thanks for the pics and the accompanying remarks. So much fun to read. Oh, and thanks for the links to stuff too.

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