If Looks Could Kill

It’s color cue time again with WPlus9 and this month us designers get to pick our own colors everyone to play with. Mine’s pretty easy: Red, black/gray, kraft with white as an option. A friend of mine asked me if I can make her ten cards for Christmas and so I’ve trying to come up with one layer designs. This was one of them and I think it’s a keeper. The stamps I used are WPlus9’s latest set: Classic Christmas. I love the ornaments and the fonts for the sentiment!!

So… we went to IKEA and the night before we went I signed up for an IKEA family membership because a few of the things I wanted were on sale if you’re a member. Then while browsing around to see what items have reduce pricing I decided to check the other store (there are a few in London and two are up north, 20min from one another) and oh my, another piece I need is on sale there for members! Hubby was out at his friend’s when I did all that discovery and when he came home I rushed to greet him and said: “I have a fantastic idea!!” He looked at me, paused, and turned right back around. I ran to him and asked where he was going again and he said: “Nope, nope, I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to know what your great idea is. You have that look on your face (my high school friends used to tell me my eyes would twinkle in an evil way when I had some crazy bright ideas). I’m going back to Pete’s.” I started laughing and told him to get comfy on his chair. After he was nice and toasty I told him that instead of one IKEA we’re going to go to two IKEAs because there are items at each store that are on sale.

It’s really hard for me to tell you how he felt or looked but I caught it on camera:

If looks could kill I wouldn’t be blogging right now {::SMILES}. He didn’t get over it the next day. Oh he took me to IKEA and he was talkative and all that but when I tried to dance to a song with him in the car he’d say: “Don’t try to be fun with me, it’s not going to work (he somehow knew I was kissing up), it doesn’t make the drive any more fun.” I had a great time laughing. I love it when he’s miserable that way ha ha ha…

Amazingly enough he was very patient with my IKEA shopping. I had a list but it wasn’t a for sure list so I still had to touch and ponder. It was great that he was there though because he told me what can and can’t work (we have REALLY hard walls, not sure what but you need a drill to hang anything up!). It was great that he came too because we got these boxes in our Honda Civic Estate (a wagon basically):

It was a good thing M didn’t go. We have a roof rack but it rained. The main boxes in the photos are three Alex and one 5×5 Expedit. If the weather was good we’d have brought back a blue Hemnes too. Hubby’s idea. He said it’d look good and I can put my kits in there better than the other piece I was looking at. I did look at the Hemnes but thought it was a bit too much but hey, if the hubby said so I’m not going to say no {::SMILES}.

Did we go to both? No. It was raining. Plus the Alex were on sale and it wasn’t mentioned on the site. So we still saved money. Is hubby happy now? Oh no!!! He still has to put the Expedit together he he he… I’ll probably be on hot cocoa duty all this week!!!

10 thoughts on “If Looks Could Kill

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. your hubby looks scary…!!! But I’m sure he loves you much, that’s why he lets you buy all that IKEA stuff! 😛

    Love the card! It’s clean and crisp!

  2. LOLOLOL sooo funny! That’s how my CR-V looks almost every trip we go! Have fun building it all! We get frustrated almost every time, but the expedit is easy from what I recall! We are fully aware of the IKEA trap now, so I have to make sure Mac has a full stomach before we go and that usually does the trick since he usually likes going, just not for as long as I do!

  3. LOVE the crisp card…and haha…I can imagine your ‘look’…that had the hubby giving you his ‘look’…LOL

    I can’t wait to see all your new goodies put together…

  4. lol.. he looks like he is protecting his turf.. “I know what u r up to, I wont get conned kinda look 🙂

    Wowee.. IKEA always excites me too.. so much to play.. have fun building. 🙂

  5. Such ELEGANT stamping, here, sweet Savitri! You and Dawn AMAZE me with your ability to treat stamps with such confident and brilliant use! GREAT COLORS! Meanwhile, I CAN’T IMAGINE you being deserving of a LOOK like THAT! {What WAS that man thinking! Seriously! You deserve noting short of rainbows and floating hearts! hee hee}

    P.S. My husband is a contractor and he cannot assemble IKEA products… They make it for US {non man-brains!}!

  6. That look, looks familiar! My husband has the same one sometimes! 🙂
    I just made a card with almost the same colors. Trying to come up with my Christmas card design! 🙂

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