Tip: Stickies Off

Very glad we’re not in Missouri because if we were I’d be sleeping outside. Hubby would have kicked me out because I’d keep asking: “Is it tornadic? Is it tornadic? Is it tornadic?” each time I hear the wind blow while he’s fast asleep. He’d be extra annoyed if it’s on a weekday because he has to be up by 5:30 a.m. while I won’t come to bed until 11p/midnight. It’s been very windy in our part of the world and I am not freaking out! Due to the wind, our area’s been like the card above, created using Clear and Simple’s Happy Fall. Every morning there seems to be fresh spread of leaves on the ground waiting to be raked.

Today I also want to share a little tip. A few weeks, or might be a month, back Ashley from Embellish Magazine asked how to remove adhesive from scissors. If you use your scissors to cut dimensionals for example you know what I’m talking about. Goop of dried adhesive stuck to the scissors which make the scissors practically useless for anything else. In the past I’ve used Goo Gone or the sort because we always had some and they remove everything it seems. But, when we moved the movers wouldn’t pack our Goo and now I’m Goo-less. When Ash asked that question I remembered that I had a pair of scissors that needed cleaning and so I went searching and found something near by that did the job as well: Stamp cleaners!

I have two. One is a Stampin’ Up! Mist one and the other is a Clear and Simple one. They both work as well and the glue comes off quite easily. I just sprayed some one, let it sit for a minute, and I just used a paper towel or my fingers. Then there’s something on the spray that’d make the scissors a bit silky and it’ll help the adhesive not stick to the scissors – at least for a day or two. Give it a try. If you’re a stamper you’re most likely to have a stamp cleaner!

Have a great one. By the time this post I am hoping to be en-route to IKEA! Laters!!

5 thoughts on “Tip: Stickies Off

  1. I’ll try the stamp cleaner some time. I’ve always rubbed the glue off my scissors using a white art eraser. It works, but takes a little bit of effort.

  2. I love your card, esp that gorgeous little bench. 🙂

    I use cutterbee scissors, it has that stick free material on, that makes it so easy to clean 🙂

  3. Lighter fluid does a fantastic job of removing sticky stuff and label residue from all sorts of things. I squirt a small bit on a cotton ball, rub a bit and presto the goo is gone.

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