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Hi!! Hope you all had a great Saturday! We sure did!! The bonfire + fireworks at our friends’ were great. There were mixed reviews on the Smores. Some, most of the kids, thought it was great and some other thought it was just a bit odd and overall too sweet. Whether they liked the Smores or not we all had fun toasting marshmallows! Jovie was ok for the most part but then the fireworks got loud and got scared but with some love she was fine. She eventually fell asleep. I would too if I were in her seat. She had a Wallaboo and Thermolite lined coat so she was cozy in front of the fire.

Today I want to share the above photo. M did that with Jovie and while M wanted to share it with the world, Jovie wasn’t on the same boat as her sister it seemed. Jovie kept grabbing at it and looking cross. I hope they’ll be more in agreement next time {::SMILE}. All the “noodles” as M call them were Jovie’s and the rest, the mix media and coloring, were M’s. The girls spent a good 15-min on this. I was surprised that Jovie kept going at it with sissy.

Then I want to ask those who has an IKEA Expedit… do you store everything you have except for paper in it? I am trying to decide how many drawers and doors I need or go with baskets. I’m also trying to figure out if I need the big 5×5 cubbies or go with a smaller one. I have wall space for either but if I get the smaller one I can fit a chair in the room but I might need that extra space. I think everything I have will fit best in a 5×5 although if I have to I can do with a 4×5 and other arrangements. It’s not that I use the chair but if I can’t keep it in this room there’s no other place I can fit it.

I seriously need to organize my room because although cozy and there are plastic bins for things it’s just not tidy and I want to get rid of little boxes, the plastic bins (those Rubbermaid ones that you can get at WMart or the sort), and have less clutter. Plus I need to find a home for the Thickers below. I think I got a bit carried away and I didn’t order every Thickers in the catalog!! When I opened the box I could have sworn I ordered other stuff but when I checked my order form they’re right. It was really hard to resist a generous offer for us Pebbles DT gals by American Craft (Pebbles is part of AC).

Well, gotta go. Need to do some DT projects and other things. Laters!!

6 thoughts on “IKEA Bookcase

  1. Hahahaaa So funny – Jovie’s facial expression!

    I have an expedit – had mine for 5 years now! It’s survived 3 moves, so it’s not that cheapy cheap – and even if it did break, since it’s a reasonable price, I wouldn’t be heart broken like those Pottery Barn expensive pieces.

    Anyway, I’ve been adding on to it since they’ve been coming out with accessories. I have combination of drawers and doors. I have the desk that attaches to it, so I leave the cubbies above/below that side open. All the rest of my cubbies are filled with (6) doors, (8) drawers sections really (16) total drawers, and (1) open divider because when you have the desk attached you lose space at a corner.

    I store ribbon and buttons plus inks and other ‘stuff’ in drawers. I actually store my paper in the doors. I have letter trays (from Ikea too) that I use and organize by color.

    Maybe I’ll do a video/pictures of this soon. I’m just too afraid to share! 🙂 OK That was way too long, but you asked!

  2. Aaah, sisters! Love their big picture, nice and colourful! Love your photos of Brean Sands, we went there 3 years ago, same time, and it remains one of my best holidays – our cottage backed onto the beach, kids built a huge dino every day and every night he would be washed away! We went up on the cliff, and when we came back down had hot chocolate at the little cafe there. Happy times. Great card too, love those papers, the colours are warm and soothing. xx

  3. I have the 4×2 Expedit with desk attachment (dh and I have a shared office/craft room, so I couldn’t get anything bigger; we actually each have the same desk combo on opposite sides of the room). I love it! I don’t have any of their doors/drawers, just my own containers and such. I found that these paper holders (http://www.cropperhopper.com/paperholder.aspx)fit if you trim those little bottom tabs with scissors. In my opinion, the Expedit is a great system!

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