Merry Christmas

Happy weekend everybody!! Here’s my first creation, using Waltzingmouse’s sketch and Sassy Season digital papers from in the Making Designs at Jessica Sprague, after almost two weeks! I’ll be busy creating again the next few days though cause I just got a few design team packages in the mail. YEAH! Tonight we’ll be watching some fireworks (celebrating UK’s Guy Fawkes day and fund raising for the local preschool) and then a bonfire at our friend’s house. We’ll be showing them what Americans do around a fire: Making and eating S’mores! Good times!!

I also want to share more pictures of our trip, something which I hope gives a calming effect. I’ve been playing with Photoshop the last week – another reason I didn’t do any crafting – and have really just been enjoying messing around with adjustment layers.

During one of our holiday sight seeing trips we stopped by this beach called Brean Down. I was hoping to go to a National Trust building, a fort, while there but we didn’t arrive until 5p and the place closed at that time. So we just hung out and played on the beach. Although the day was chilly the beach was nice. There weren’t a lot of people and there was a very wide stretch of sand here. It was a great feeling being there. I felt so small and in awe at this place I live in, this place called earth. We were very careful though, we read that the tide comes fast here, one of the fastest in the world and we made sure we were safe.

This was what I saw soon after we passed the tall tide wall. On the left are mobile homes. From where I was they looked like beach houses.

Then there’s hubby doing the Karate Kid move, the stork stand. But see how vast the sand area was? The water was on the other side of that land on the right. Quite a distance away but when high tide comes, it’d quickly make its way to where I was at.

There’s M making a face on the sand. I think it was Waldo/Wally (why the US and UK has two different names for Where’s Waldo/Wally puzzles me).

Then there’s hubby and Jovie. She was cold after a little bit and that was why we only stayed for half an hour at the most. Jovie’s so cute when she’s cold. She’ll sign cold and say “brrrr.” Love that little bundle of joy!!

Of course it’s not quite perfect if you’re at a beach close to sundown without a sunset kind of picture. So here’s mine. Not a sunset but close enough. This was probably the closest thing to a sunset that evening. It got really hazy cloudy and this ended soon after. The water line was still far far away. I’ve never seen a beach with this wide of a sand area before!

Card details:

I love this digital paper line by in the Making because although it is a Christmas kit the colors are not at all Christmasy and I LOVE none traditional pieces. Except for the cardstock base everything was from that Sassy Season kit. For the background I chose a light pattern and then I stamped some musical notes on it. I thought the base looked a bit dull and so I did some ink blotching (using a brush and Winsor Newton ink). Then per the sketch I added a few circles. I felt that the card was still blah so I added some jute string and the buttons finished the card off.

Well, that’s it from me. You all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you again next time I post! Ciao!!!

11 thoughts on “Serenity

  1. I dont think the card is plain at all. It is just nice.. I like how all the colours and elements fall in place. Buttons and jute is a nice touch 🙂

    That is one huge beach. I grew in an almost beach town (only 15mins away).. however beaches here are short and narrow.. not so wide.. a beach is still a beach.. gorgeous to wake up to the sound of waves!

  2. This card is super fab Savitri! Loving the colors you chose, and how you dressed up the sketch. And your photos are beautiful – such wonderful keepsakes!

  3. Love the inking on your card…I’m a huge fan of non-traditional holiday patterns:)

    your pictures are simply magical…really…they are gorgeous….I love the beach…something so calming…

  4. Super gorgeous photos! I can’t wait to hear M & J’s version of these travels when they’re all grown up. 🙂 (Hopefully we’re still buds when they’re all grown up!)

    Love your card! You made it look so easy! I worked SO hard to get a card outta this sketch, lol! 🙂 Love yours!

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