King Arthur and the Tor

If you’re into magic, fairies, king arthur, magic water, psychics, self cleansing, knights in shining armour, etc. you might want to put Glastonbury on your list of places to visit or move into. At first the town seems like any other British town but once you get to looking you’ll see shops full of crystals and stones, small book shops full of spiritual books, clothing stores where you can walk out as Queen Guenevere,  and a store that sells witch craft related items — I think I should have gone in to see if there’s a magic cleaning wand/spell!! Then when we looked through the newsletter while munching on lunch (and making sure Jovie’s not going to bust her skull open — no high chair) besides the regular massages we saw spiritual massages, self healing, psychic readings, and spiritual guided tours.

We didn’t go to any of the shops. I guess they were just a bit too different for me. But we did walk up to the known Glastonbury Tor, also managed by the National Trust.

This photo was halfway up. As you can see hubby got a great workout, 18lbs of love was on him he he…

And this was what’s up there. You can read about it on the Wikipedia link above but according to legend (in case you didn’t read the Wiki) this is the home of the fairy king Gwyn ap Nudd. The Glastonbury Tor site has some great reading if you’re really interested in this!

The view from above was beautiful. We got lucky that although a bit chilly the sky was blue. We walked up late, about 4p I think and the sun was just perfect. It wasn’t very busy either which made the experience and walk more enjoyable (I think it took us 30-45min/ea way).

For a little dramatic effect, here’s another photo of the Tor with M on the left.

Page Details:

First of all, I just love it when Miss M wants to model for me. Lately though it’s been hit and miss. Back in the days I could bribe her but now it’s just whenever she feels like it and it hasn’t been frequent enough for me (I want it every other day at least ya know).

For this page I used a few digital kit from Jessica Sprague. It’s a Holiday/Christmas kit but I found that I could use a lot of the pieces for a none Holiday/Christmas photo.

Here are the pieces that I used:

In the Making Designs: Sassy Seasons paperelements
In the Making Designs: Modernist Jewel
Carina Gardner: Coquette Wordart

Now, is there anything you’d like to know about this page? I am thinking of doing more videos and one is how I create something (or two) on my digital creations.

Have a great one and thanks for visiting!!!

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