Dunster Castle

Can you believe it? It’s NOVEMBER!! I really thought that life at home will just drag but my goodness was I wrong! With a new month comes a new Clear and Simple stamp set: Happy Fall and new CSS colors: a Clean Slate. I am liking the serene scene above. Reminds me of our lovely little vacation last week. Let me share a few more pictures with you!!

Oh, before the pictures, I want to say “thank you” for all the comments on M’s first digital page. She didn’t know I posted it and when I showed her the post the first thing she asked was: “Did anybody commented?” Thankfully there were some and she read them all. The comments have really encouraged her learn Photoshop more. She’s halfway through one and she can’t wait to finish it!!

On to pictures… The first place we visited after getting to the cottage was Dunster Castle. Some posts ago I mentioned joining the Royal Oak Foundation which support the UK National Trust. Well with the membership comes free entries to all of the NT’s many properties and Dunster is one of them. We loved visiting this castle and also the garden. After visiting Germany a few years back our family has been exposed to a few castles but this was the first one where we could roam around freely and where the castle has full furnishing. It was fun imagining how it would be like living there some hundred years back. Emma was even entertained because there was a scavenger hunt type of activity for her to do. The garden was lovely. There was a river flowing through it and many nice paths to follow. Except for inside the castle dogs were very welcomed.

Here are some pictures:

M ringing the dinner bell. This was another neat thing, children could touch a few things… some did get carried away with this gong although most only rang it once.

Ringing the Gong

This is the family room. The literature said it’s supposed to be more informal but to me, it just felt so grand still.

It’s not quite my style but if I were living in a castle back in the days I’d happily take this room {::SMILES}.

Master Bedroom, Dunster Castle

This would have been M’s bedroom and speaking of, I just noticed that you can see her on the mirror! The room is bigger than what I photographed. There’s a fireplace across from the bed, a balcony, wardrobe and a good size dressing table.

My favorite part of the whole castle. Can you imagine a scrapbook table right there where that little table is? HA!!! The view to the outside is gorgeous!!!

Conservatory, Dunster Castle

Alright, that’s it for now. I hope you all had a great Halloween!!

8 thoughts on “Dunster Castle

  1. this is just gorgeous…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the scenery that you have created. )

    I love the castle pics. So pretty 🙂

    So glad M is so motivated to complete her Photoshop.. I dont even know how to use one yet 🙂

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  3. Cute little scenery, love the stitching done! Marvelous photos, I would love the inside space of a castle indeed – and yes, that would make a great spot for a huge crafting table!

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