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Happy weekend!!! I hope your week was great! Ours was!!! We had a lovely lovely time at our little vacation cottage: Little Whitnell Cottage near Nether Stowey in Somerset, England.

Today I have this card to share, a few photos and a little bit on our cottage renting experience…

Back in the days my ex and I used to own a timeshare. The places we went to were nice and they were definitely better than a hotel. We didn’t own the timeshare for long but while owning it I was introduced to home/cottage rentals and I told myself that one day I’d have to try renting one in Europe. Somewhere along the line I got into Bed and Breakfast and didn’t get to thinking about vacation rentals until a few weeks ago when I had to rearrange our holiday plans from Paris to staying here in the UK. After some hard decisions (between the many sites and the different cottages) I decided on Little Whitnell and what a great choice it was!

The cottage itself is 400-yrs-old. I’ve always loved old homes and I originally wanted one here to live but during the 30-days that hubby had to look for housing there was none that was near a good school, had ample parking, with a nice yard, doesn’t cost and arm and a leg to heat, not near a major road (people drive fast even on little roads here), and a good size house. We saw a few (oh so charming) homes but just didn’t fit half of our criterias. So being able to stay in an old one, even if it’s for a week, was a happy happy experience for me. LOVED it!

This was our living/family room from the stairs. The cottage isn’t big but it was so cozy! The fireplace was our only heat source and that thing warmed up the whole house! There’s hubby on the couch asleep — it was only 10 a.m.!!

Little Whitnel Living Room

Our cottage was just charming. The beams, the fireplace, the stone floor, everything was just wonderful. We had everything we needed there too, including fresh eggs from a neighbor, everything for tea/coffee and a bottle of wine!

Then in the morning I saw this:

Little Whitnel Kitchen

LOVED the light coming through the little window!!!

Then the girls. At the cottage we had something we don’t have at home: TV!! So there’s M glued to the TV and Jovie reading.

M and Jovie

Card details:

A card using the latest and greatest sketch from Waltzingmouse, their wonderful stamps: Musical Backgrounds and Nutcracker Sweet, with digital paper by Christy Lyle: Whimsical Whimsy at Sweet Shoppe. This week’s card is more less like the sketch. I did a lot of layering and also some stamping on the Pebbles Inc envelope. I sewed too but not sure if you can see it because it’s brown on brown. I wanted to sew but was too lazy to change the thread… yes, that’s me, the lazy crafter! I really wish I was a bit more motivated with the sewing machine or just more techniques!

For You

I really like this card. It’s got substance! Due to the layers the card is a bit heavy. I also love the pom-poms which I am slowly running out of. I MISS JoAnn’s Fabric!! The buttons I love too, the sweet ladies at Clear and Simple Stamps sent me these for my birthday. Β Also, twine and scrunchy seam binding from Memarie at Etsy.

Have a great weekend everybody! Until next time!!

9 thoughts on “Little Whitnell Cottage

  1. awww… that looks like a cozy cottage. so happy to hear that you had fun! =) LOVE your card. once again you awed me with your creativity. gorgeous card, Savitri!

  2. okay, that cottage is fabulous…cracks me up that the hubs is totally asleep but hey, it is vaca!!!

    yeah right…you…the lazy crafter…says the woman showcasing a multi-layer beauty…pa-shaw…

    sock me with some pom colors and I’ll see what I can do for ya:)

  3. Oh this card is just gorgeous.. Love the distress, stamped mini envelope and the kingly tag.. lovely.

    I love the cottage, love everything abt it, the walls, colours, ambience.. wonderful πŸ˜€

    I stayed in an old monastery in Wellington before.. the place just creeps me out that night… maybe the silence and unrecognised sounds that I kept hearing in the early hours in the morning πŸ™

  4. Beautiful card Savitri! luv luv the nutcracker! πŸ™‚ girl, I bet you were in heaven, seems like a cozy and charming cottage! so cool, and very cool that yer sharing pics! luv them! hopefully you can make more trips like this more often πŸ™‚

    C πŸ™‚

  5. WOW!!!!!!! vit!!! can you show a before and after pic of the kitchen? was that ray of light there?? or was it enhanced? did you shoot jpeg or raw?

    gorgeous pic!!!

  6. That cottage looks like so much fun! Ever since I saw the movie “The Holiday” with Kate Winslett I’ve been dreaming of staying in a cozy little cottage. And I’ve been reading Jane Austen novels all week, so I’ve got English cottages on the brain!

  7. Ooh… Love the card! It’s gorgeous… all the layering and you did a great job with the nutcracker! Lol… was thinking of getting that set but am not sure how many times I’ll be using it, so I didn’t get it πŸ˜›

    And love the quaint little cottage! Oh so comfy and love the sunlight coming in through that small window πŸ˜›

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