M’s First DigiPage

First Digital Scrapbook Page by M

Today I am honored to present a little guest designer. She did the above all by herself and very proud of herself for doing it!!

Last week M was curious on how I created my layouts on the computer. So I showed her. I helped get the picture from Adobe Lightroom to Photoshop but after that, she pretty much went on her own between Adobe Bridge, where I can easily see all my digi pieces, and Photoshop. I showed her layers and helped her understand its concept by stacking all sorts of crap on top of a piece of paper on my desk and why moving a layer can make something appear or disappear… or be on top/the bottom of one another. I never taught Photoshop when I was working, it wasn’t my department’s main thing but just like the other software I teach I’ve always been good at using daily things as an example to help people understand the concept.

The above was her first layout. Not bad, huh? There’s nothing fancy, just putting different pieces onto a new work space and moving things around using the mouse and layering. She also got to practice a lot of right clicking! Handy thing to master on the computer, right?

So we’re still out and about and we’ll be back in a day or two. Ta ta for now!!

16 thoughts on “M’s First DigiPage

  1. This is really really nice!!! And I think Ms M is going to be a brilliant scrapbooker/digital artist! Pat on her back.

    PS: Don’t tell her some people like me still can’t do digi layouts 🙁

    Hugs to M and Jovie,

  2. Wow, this is very good! I love how she placed the picture and the embellishments around it, so that the photo gets the right emphasis. Well done, M! Best wishes from fall-ish Germany 🙂

  3. Oh nice! M’s really a smart kid. kudos for her.
    My 5 year old doesn’t like computer at all. somebody have told him that it is for 6+ old! SO, he is waiting to be 6! huh..

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