A Tea Time Story

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Hi from the other side of England! I wish I can tell you where but since this post was created before I left just imagine me hanging out in Wales or strolling along some cold beach with the family…

I have a page to share with you today. It’s a digital layout with a few different goodies, mostly by Kitschy Digitals at JessicaSprague.com.

I love the colors, especially on the kraft paper!!!! This page makes me wish that I have some real washi tapes… some bright blue or yellow ones! I also want those plastic flowers. I saw some on Etsy and I think I’ll grab me some after I get back.

Here’s a little story… it was on our way back from France and we were just sitting around waiting for the ferry to load. It was almost 4 p.m. and these two couples in front of us opened up their trunk and started pulling out stuff. A minute later we realized what they were doing. They were making them some tea!

I told you the last post or two that I’ve gotten a habit of having afternoon tea, right? Well I do but not quite that die hard. I don’t carry around a portable, plug into car, tea kettle and tea supplies stashed in my trunk or as the Brits calls it: boot. I did get some later, on the boat. It was still within my tea timeline {::SMILES}

Ok, gotta go… laters!


“Reading” was handwritten by me
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  1. I really love your anecdotes about England. I was there this summer and loved it. You bring it all back. Keep ’em coming!

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