I LOVE my England Postal Code!


And the word “dudettes” although I’ve changed it up a bit to “dudelettes” — the kidlet version of a female dude. That’s what I’ve been calling the girls.

The last few days I’ve been researching places to visit for our trip next week and I just LOVE how the postal code/zip code works in England. The US have a 9-digit zip but it doesn’t work quite like how it is here. So here’s an example… Go to Google Maps and past this postal code: CB8 0EB. Google will take you straight to a college instead of a city. The first part is always two letters and a number or two and then a space and the second part would be a number or two and two letters. The first part corresponds to the post town and the second the street. If there are 10 houses on that street then all ten homes will have the CB8 0EB postal code (if you’re really interested in this you can read more on Wikipedia).

Isn’t that nice? When I buy something online the system will ask me for my postal code and after I plop it in it’ll give me house number options and after I select my house number everything, the address part, will automatically be fill-out for me. When I opened a bank account the manager just asked me for my postal code and house number and he got all my address info into the system. It’s sweet! When we go places all I have to write down is the postal code and my GPS/SatNav/Daniel will have a postal code option and I can just plop that in and it’ll take me right to the street. I’ll have the house number handy in my little brain (if it’s a store I don’t even bother with the house number) and voila, Daniel would take me there.

In relationship to my sight-seeing, it’s been great to just jot down the postal codes for the places we intend on visiting. It’s way quicker than typing in the city and then the street number, name, etc. Love it!!

Page details:

What was your most memorable day? I have a few with these as the most: our engagement (it was a hoopla I tell ya), and the birth of our two girls. I always thought that I knew what happiness was but it wasn’t until I gave birth and met these two for the first time did I really know what true and pure happiness was all about.

These pictures were taken at the hospital a few hours after Jovie was born. M couldn’t get enough of her and just wanted to hold her little sister. M still can’t get enough of Jovie now but Jovie sometimes just has enough of M he he…

For this layout I used Pebbles new line called New Arrival. For a complete list of all the materials that I used, do check out their blog — plus there are other projects created by the other DTs that you should check out!! The only three things not Pebbles are the mini sticker Alpha (Cosmo Cricket), the American Craft Thickers, and the doily.


I do want to show you this little envelope. See it? Just perfect for little notes… little reminder of that day. Something that Jovie might want to open up and read one day…


Have a great one everybody and more later!!

10 thoughts on “I LOVE my England Postal Code!

  1. I can feel M’s love for her lil’ sis! She’s a great big sis, isn’t she? Wish I have the chance to meet up with you and your family one day… I would love to cuddle your two girls! πŸ˜€

  2. Fabulous LO! Its also very heartwarming and beautiful.Love all the personal touches to it. All three of you just look gorgeous, happy and contented πŸ˜€

  3. Oh was Jovie born on the 6th of April?? That’s a great date to be born, just ask me ^^ Great page and cute story about the zip codes! Have a great day, dudette πŸ˜‰

  4. Hi Beautiful Ladies..
    Your LO is simply `adorable`
    love those text and that adorable envelope…
    Infact everything you do is `Gorgeous` an abundance of Inspiration TFS:)

    looks like your in for a fun week in Somerset!!!!

    Little Jovie probably getting some teeth through!(our Freya is just the same at the moment!!!!(up and down sleep patterns)she will be back to normal soon:)

    Have a fabulous weekend……:) xxx

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