All Eyes On…

Me! Yes, all eyes on me.

Once you have enough of me you all can move on…

Ha! That was tacky, huh? Well, I thought I’d give it a go and I promise, will NEVER do this again {::SMILES}.

Actually this is what I want to highlight… my favorite (as of today) WPlus9’s stamp set. I LOVE this fall set, Season of Thanks, because not only are the images great, the size are just perfect! Plus, I have a thing for fall so earthy tones are totally my thing (and boots!). Dawn, at WPlus9, always have a thing on the 20th of the month called All Eyes On and this month the focus is on our favorite stamps. Do check out her blog and see what the other DTs did for this monthly post!

I have been very into clean cards the last few. I think it’s because I’ve really been into white cardstock. After that one on Saturday, white has been challenging me. Since then I’ve made three and so far I haven’t made any inking mishaps in the process. Plus, I found these really thick cardstock, 290gsm which basically is a tad bit thicker than the PapertreyInk ones, and they are so so nice as a base. Just make the card feel richer.

Anyhow, I’ll make this quick because I am actually posting live! Yes, it’s past 5 a.m. here in the UK! I’m blaming all this on Jovie. That kid finally went to bed at 3 a.m.!! URGH! We all went to bed at 7:30 p.m. but she just kept waking up every 15-30mins. I need to get a few things done tonight, which I did, and was not looking forward to being up this late. Oh well… I’ll sleep early tomorrow!! Later and gnight/gmorning!!

11 thoughts on “All Eyes On…

  1. Lol… you crack me up, girl!

    love your clean cards, though… and I hope you get enough sleep….!!! 5.30am and you’re still awake? oh boy! how do you manage? hehehe….

  2. lolol.. that was a fast one.. n totally fun and I love it!!! Was just wondering if my eyes had grown bigger than yours when I was all eyes on you!:D

    I heart your CAS card.. its just so gorgeous!!!! clean, rich and love the jut with buttons.. beautiful

  3. Love the colors and the simplicity of this card.
    It’s great that you speak my languange (I can totally understand 290 gsm and it is such a pleasure for this to happen).

  4. You are my SHE-ro: staying up SOOO late to get your post up in time! Sorry it took that baby so long to find some Zzzzzz’s! Glad I’m missing some right now to catch this fun post! You SLAY me, hilarious and talented one! This is SUPER fun! Crafty-craft babe! You are “All Eye’s On” worthy, any old time! {I do SO love that set!} Supe fun card, my sweet and talented friend! Yee Haw!

  5. Oooo! I love how earthy this card feels, especially, with the twine and buttons. Gorgeous! So sorry you’re missing out on your sleep. I don’t know how you do it! I’d be a walking zombie.

  6. 🙂 Lovely pic 😉

    And I adore your card!! The button arrangement is soooooo cool! I hope you get some good sleep today!
    I use 220 gsm cardstock (coz that is the thickest I can find) and at the moment I have NO white CS and no Kraft!! I’m hopeless… and waiting to go craft shopping to a place 2 hours from home so that I can stock up!


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