5 Random Things

Key to Our Hearts, Scarlet Lime Oct'10

At the Jessica Sprague forum, one of the creative team member posted on the CT forum a “5 random things about you” post and it’s been a lot of fun reading while getting to know each other better. So, I thought I’d borrow the idea and do that here and it’d be great if you all can play along. If you want to borrow this idea for your blog, feel free!

So here’s mine:

  1. I love to eat tomatoes and avocados with sugar. You all who uses salt are missing out {::SMILES}.
  2. I used to know the names of the mountains on the moon. No, I didn’t have anything else better to do.
  3. I am a night person. I’ve been sleeping between 10p-1 a.m. this week and this morning hubby asked me if I’m getting sick or is sick. Those are early bedtimes for me. It’s past 2 a.m. right now.
  4. I can’t have an accent. Hubby said my British accent (never in public though, just at home) is terrible but it’s a lot better than my Southern accent. Last weekend my buddy just told me point blank that I’m too old to acquire one. {::SIGH}.
  5. My dream job is to eat and travel. Waiting for something likeΒ Andrew Zimmerman‘s or Anthony Bourdain‘s or Have Fork Will Travel job to come available (HA!). I wonder if something like FoodTripper pays well {::SMILES}.

Page details

I used the October Scarlet Lime kit for this page and it was by total accident that the colors of the photo match the paper and embellishments that I used. I didn’t notice it until I was done.

These photos were taken with my Android Google Nexus phone. I have this FX Camera app on my phone and it can create Polaroid pics. Somehow though when I printed the pics out on my Selphy, two photos on a 4×6 paper, the white left and right side of the polaroid didn’t print and so I ended up trimming the top and bottom up and came up with these square pictures. Isn’t it amazing how far cell/mobile phone camera has come? Great photos for quickie basic needs like a trip to the playground!

Key to Our Hearts, Scarlet Lime Oct.'10

I love this big flower. It was flat when I got it out of the package but I crumpled it up a bit and got it a bit fluffy.

Key to Our Hearts, Scarlet Lime Oct.'10

These little corks are fun. They’re from Pink Paislee. I’ve been wanting to get some regular cork material and run it through my die cut machine but I haven’t done it yet. It’s a combo of forgetting to buy and lack of motivation {::SMILES}. Thing is, I have a lot of stuff in my room that I purchased but haven’t used. I have fabric, felt, yarn, etc. that can be made into many pretty thing.

Key to Our Hearts, Scarlet Lime Oct.'10

Tata for now. I have a project to finish and then off to bed. Hopefully Jovie won’t get up again. This is another reason I stay up so late. I sleep late and not be woken up than sleep early but get up once or twice a night. None of my kids can put themselves back to sleep.

6 thoughts on “5 Random Things

  1. love this LO… and yes, the colour totally matches! πŸ˜€
    LOL… don’t we all have stuffs that we bought but have not used. I hoard PP… I love them to much to cut into them… sigh…..

  2. i always love your LO.. such much personalised materials on it. Love the pictures of cutie babe.

    I have a store room of stuff, waiting to be played…Now I may find myself really having more time. Still waiting for that discussion with me boss.. lol.

    I do sleep really late when I craft.. i think when the mojo comes.. it just comes.. and it doesnt stop till u finish it.. πŸ™‚

  3. HI Savitri..yeap crafty really make us crazy and sleep late if you are really into it..
    And I love to travel and eat too..that’s what I hope for such a job, in fact I just wish I have my own store to run…I mean a store as big as 10 football field to run..
    ANd about your layout, I like the treasury stuff …the colors of purple, white and bronze do really match..the flower is perfectly blue beauty..

  4. Firstly, congrats on being a SL DT!! What a wonderful layout. Loving the purple & those photos are precious too! Love the title treatmen for suret!! I used to be like u, a night owl but managed to train my brain to think of designs during the day. Lol!!

  5. Lovely embellishments. I love the cork and hope I can find it somewhere here.

    I’ll try the 5 random things post some time πŸ˜‰ Till then I’ll wait too see a Savitri Wilder show on TLC πŸ˜€


  6. Love the title Savitri! Such a cute page about such a cute subject.
    I wish I could stay up later crafting. Most times once the kids finally get to sleep I’m too tired to get started on anything.

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