London, Again

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We went to London Saturday and had a fabulous time. I initially wanted to go to the British Museum but we didn’t get to London until 2-ish and while walking to Chinatown to get some pork buns we stumbled upon and Indonesian restaurant, Nusa Dua, and had to stop. We didn’t order much though because before we came in we decided that yesterday would just be culinary day instead of museum day and just try whatever we find, a little bit here and there. So we just ordered two appetizers and a soup dish for me. The appetizers were great but the Soto was a bit off. Maybe it’s because I’ve had some of Indonesia’s best Soto and so it’d be hard to beat those ones. I’d like to come back though to try their main dishes.

Then in Chinatown we got some ?1 pork buns. They were good but not as good as the ones my aunt makes. Hers are DA BOM!! Before we got to the dumplings we came upon a grocery store with all sorts of fruits that I love: Rambutan, longan, mangosteen, and durian. The last is my favorite and if you’re new to this fruit you’ll either love it or hate it. It’s the smell that turns people off and yes I can see that being the case. This fruit is probably the smelliest fruit in the world. It’s awesome tasting though! I also found some Indonesian ramens and sator/petai. The last also smells. It doesn’t smell when you eat it but when it comes out. We’ll see what hubby thinks of this after he eats it… or after #1 he he he…

For tea time (I’ve gotten this habit of drinking tea at around 4-5 p.m.) we stopped at Cafe Nero right in front of the sushi restaurant. We all got something to drink.

Coffee for the adults, milk for Jovie and water for M. Yes she drank the whole thing but the majority of the milk ended up in her bottle. Jovie still drinks her milk from a bottle because that’s the only way she’d drink a lot of it. She’s on a drink a lot eat a lot diet due to her size. She loves to drink from a sippy/cup/glass but to get her to drink all her milk she still prefers the bottle.

Cafe Nero, London

Jovie even got a taste of dad’s chocolate sprinkles from his milk froth. Jovie LOVED!!

Cafe Nero, London

The main destination of our London trip was sushi. I have not had sushi since we got to the UK. I had a taste of it in Cambridge but just wasn’t too into it. It wasn’t as succulent. After some research I decided on?Sushi Hiroba. I picked this because the reviews were decent, the location right, and there’s a conveyor belt so that different dishes can go around the sushi bar.

Sushi Hiroba, London

M had fun picking and grabbing her plates (she had four plates of nigiri — fish on top of rice). Prices ranged from ?2.50-?5/plate.

Sushi Hiroba, London

The restaurant was nice and if you’re not early you probably should book in advance. Great ambiance and the food we got (who knows what, the hubby and M just grabbed whatever and i somewhat did too) was good too. The fish was fresh and the different dishes were prepared well. Still I don’t think it has beaten our favorite place, Edokko, in the Kansas City area! You get a steal of a deal there and very fresh fish!

I am so glad too that one of my very dear friend lives in London. My birthday dinner was more fun. I just wish more of my very close friends live nearer. I’d have a party just to have them around me {::SMILES}. We ended the night with some coffee and more great chit-chats. To add to the greatness we met a very sweet old lady on the tube. She adored the girls and the 20 minutes we were together there was always a big smile on her face. Great day for sure!!

Card details:

The above card was created using stamps by Clear and Simple Stamps: Beware. For the base I used some Orange You Fabulous by CSS and also gorgeous satin ribbon from CSS. For the tool base I did some stamping on the base and then I ran it through my embossing tool. If you’re curious about the tag, I found it from an old packaging. It was shiny and so I sanded it a bit so that the ink sticks better. After some distressing and ink I liked how the tag looks. The rest are pretty obvious, EK border punch and then some more stamping. I did a birthday with this Halloween stamp set cause there are people born around this time of year too — or over the hill cards as long as he person has a sense of humor {::SMILES}.

Alrighty, enjoy your Sunday! Toodles!!!

5 thoughts on “London, Again

  1. The card is so pretty. Love the combo of the orange and black.. so striking…hehe skull, witch and spider.. not my favourite things :p.

    I love Japanese foodie too.. Love shashimi and donburi. Had oyako donburi (chicken, egg, onions over rice in a bowl (one my fave).

    I love Indonesian food, esp the homecook ones. Had the privilege to stay in Jakarta twice in different homes, and a growth (prh – prh international organisation) retreat at Mega Mendung (twice) with local food.. oh yummmmm….

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