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Tiny Feet

How did you get into the things you love? Let tell you how I got into mine and do share yours!! Before I do, I want to tell you that WPlus9 has a giveaway for one lucky person!

  1. Reading. Before I existed my grandpa owned a bookstore. A few years after I was born he came to live with us and with him came his books, some his personal collection and others from what was left of the store. I use to love smelling the books, mustiness and all. After I learned to read, books and I became best friends. Although time has made me pick and choose what I do nowadays I try to make time for a great book and when I get a new book, I always smell it.
  2. Colors. Indonesia didn’t have good smelling crayons. It was in kindergarten, in Idaho, that I started falling in love with colors or Crayolas to be more exact. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell and still does. Because of the smell I wanted to color more. This way Crayola and I could be closer. In 3rd grade I won a coloring contest. I know, weird right? Those who follows my blog knows I can’t color worth anything {::SMILES}. But the love for colors stayed on and even now I love to sniff Crayolas — I never buy any other brand (except for those that gets left/shared at school) for M just so that I can sniff them. Sometimes I’d hold one up with my lips so that I could do something else while sniffing.
  3. Photography. Back in my photography classes days part of the thing we had to do was mount our own photos. Although the photo processing was not my most favorite (Photoshop makes processing way more enjoyable for me), the rubber cement was. Fell in love with that thing on my first day of photo mounting!! Right now, when I go to a store and see some I have to open and sniff. It’s probably good I don’t own any right now!
  4. Food. Who doesn’t love food? Growing up I always smell food cooking in the kitchen. Divine!! My family in general are foodies too. They like to eat and they like to eat at places that are known for great dishes – they’d even drive 3hrs away JUST to eat! That’s why I love to cook, with lots of garlic too, food smells soooooo good!!! Oh, and stinky French cheese. The stinkier the better!!
  5. Papercrafting. Fresh paper smells awesome! I have a few packages of Webster’s Pages and I haven’t used but a couple of them just cause they smell so dang good. I just want to open the plastic cover and hurriedly close it back up so not to let the smell go.
  6. Traveling. Well, this has all the above – even papercrafting cause I’d one day scrapbook the memories. Every country has a different smell to it — although some are not good smells — and I love that.

In conclusion it turns out that I love things that smells. It’s probably a good thing that alcohol and doo doesn’t smell good or I’d be in big trouble {::SMILES}. I love the smell of gasoline too but working with cars isn’t my thing. It’s probably good cause hubby said I drive like an Asian AND a girl — no need to beat him, it’s been done! {::SMILES}.

Page details

I used a Scarlet Lime kit, Sept’08, and colors inspired by the Color Room, #26, for this page. The page is pretty simple as you can see.

Tiny Feet

I didn’t do the script stamping. It came with the kit but I wish I have a nice script stamp so that I can do this more often on my pages or cards. I think it’d be fun to stamp some scripts on backgrounds or embellishments, like this chipboard.

I like the little photos. The Canon Color and the Selphy gives me the option to print 8 photos on a 4×6 photo paper and so that’s what I did here. I know that sometimes we have 20 pictures of the same thing — love digital cameras for this — but do you really need to scrapbook all 20 of them? But still, one doesn’t seem to do it justice. Little photos like this can help solve this issue. It’s not for all, I know that many loves to have a bigger size, but for somebody like me who likes to keep things to a page, smaller photos with a bigger one or two is the best way for me. If you don’t have a printer that prints 8 photos on a 4×6 photo paper automatically open up your photos in a photo editing software, create a 4×6 print area, resize the photos and place them on the 4×6 page. You don’t have to use Photoshop for this. Visit this post for a listing of apps that you can use.

Tiny Feet

Alrighty, have a great one!

6 thoughts on “My Loves

  1. I love this page, so cute. I think it’s funny that everything you love started with a smell and that the page is about baby feet – I’m sure they smell better than kid or grown up feet.

  2. Loved your post. And loved how you are so clear about what you love and why.
    I’m in a kind of not-so-clear orbit. But i’d love to try this out 😉
    what do i love?
    I love to be different. I don’t really care what people think and what norms of the society are (and here in India, there seriously are a lot of norms )
    I love reading. Though not anything. I’m choosy and like happy and romantic books. I love love reading magazines too. Mags that take me places, mags that set my creativity running, actually many sorts (no sports magazines though)
    i love cooking… But not the usual. I do experiment in the kitchen and presentation is most important. Hubby loves food 😉 so I do get to make him a scape goat 😉 and he sometimes tells me he has the best tiffin at work ;). Wish my son would eat better though coz i also love making kiddie portions in fun colors and textures :). I have around 50 cookbooks with me and stalk quite a few food blogs 🙂
    i love paper crafting. Though it is a more recent hobby, i’m totally smitten. Waiting for my country to get more stamping and other supplies so i can craft without having to think of where i’ll get the material from.
    Lastly, i love surfing and reading other blogs. It lets me travel the world, which is a dream i’ll live some day 🙂

    ps: you may delete this long comment if you wish 😉

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