Beware, CSS October set

A few weeks ago M said no to Halloween. Today a package from the Children’s Place came in and there’s a skirt in there which she believes would make the perfect pirate/witch costume. So as of Oct. 1st we will be doing Halloween and Jovie’s costume fate will be determine by M’s choice. Jovie will be a parrot/monkey if she’s a pirate and a cat if she’s a witch. Poor Jovie! Personally though, her skirt would be best as a pirate costume. Then all I have to do is find a skull T-shirt, head scarf and an eye-patch. As for Jovie… a brown warm suit with some sort of homemade tail… or a short brown tail… the monkey’s tale got chopped off during a battle one day. It’s possible, right?

Today I was to showcase this little card. I used Clear and Simple’s October set: Beware. Believe it or not this is my very first Halloween set and it was so much fun to play with! I never thought I’d like Halloween stamps this much!! I’ve just never been a fan of this tradition. I think I’ve dressed up once or twice as a kid and then another one in college. I do love it when I see a well decorated home. I think they’re awesome and sometimes I wish I liked Halloween just a tad bit more to at least put something decent out. So despite by lack of Halloween experience, after this set my thoughts on Halloween stamps have changed! For the base of the card I used CSS’s orange or as they like to call it: Creamsicle Cardigan. The ribbon is Perfect Little Black Dress and the tag + pattern paper is My Mind’s Eyes. I highly recommend this set. It converted me to like Halloween stamps!! It’s that good!!!!!

In a little bit I have another fun announcement and a giveaway. A VERY AWESOME giveaway so stay tune!!

13 thoughts on “Boo!

    1. Gorgeous Halloween cut. Love the pairing of orange and black.. brooms, bats and witches..
      I love the perfect ribbon tie too… 🙂
      Too bad they dont celebrate halloween here

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    1. A well coordinated card…beautiful. I have two boys and the older one seems to think only he can decide what costumes his little bro can wear on Halloween. It won’t last long as my wee boy is already two and a half and resisting his big bro’s choices more and more off late.

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