Me, A Boy

Sweet Tenderness

I’m not blessed in the female upper body department. It was tough growing up cause most if not all of my girl friends had some sort of shape but not Savitri. Nursing was great because for a little bit I had some curves. When I went back to work after maternity leave I think one of the first things I said to my colleague was: “Check this out” while posing. I know, very professional, huh? Ha ha ha…. But it was one of the many reasons why I loved working there, I had an awesome group of female colleagues whom I could talk about whatever with.

But, good things tend to have an ending and my ending was emphasized the other night.

M: Mommy, are you turning into a boy because you’re starting to have no boobies.

I think my jaw dropped and hubby was quite speechless although after a few he did come back with this: “Well, you’ll have a smaller chance of breast cancer” (PS, he knows that size doesn’t matter in terms of getting cancer but he had to say it anyways). GRRRRR!!!!!

So my days of fitting well into form fitting outfits are over. Jovie, although still rummaging now and then, has been weened and Savitri is back to her old self and still a girl.

Page details…

This page is very simple. I used another Pencil Lines sketch, 206, for this layout. Speaking of, you should check this out. Guess who won June’s Pencil Line layout of the month? I wouldn’t have known if Amy Tsuruta didn’t tell me. I mean PL is in my gReader but I’ve been behind in checking that thing.

The pattern paper came from Pink Paislee and the background paper is Jillibean Soup. The base craft shop, yes they have a good size scrapbook store but very expensive, had a 50% off and I got a few things. To add a bit of texture I added a Prima pearl swirl and a little sticker from K&Co. I didn’t want to have a lot of stuff. I just wanted to focus on the pretty papers and the photo.

This was Emma loving sleeping Jovie. M wasn’t asleep, she was very into High School Musical, but she had to hold her baby sister. I know I’ve said this a few times before but I want to say it again, I hope this continues for the rest of their lives! This kind of memories make me very happy inside as a person and mother.

Sweet Tenderness

Alright, got to pick up the big girl from cheerleading. Laters!

8 thoughts on “Me, A Boy

  1. lovely scrap page, luv the glittered letters, i dunn use them much :S can’t beleive M told you that hehe, that lil girl has a mind of her own … you shud go to the gym and do some chest work out, it works … at least on getting them to defy gravity … funny u mentioned this topic … i was complaining to one of my gay guy friends how much mine had changed, more gravity defying and that my blouses didn’t fit quite well (something only I wud recognize … and granted i dunn have much either …) and he told me – “soooo, you’d rather they’d just hang and sag?” lol, when he put it that way … it’s just weird, so there you go…. want them perkier … go do some chest workout!

    C 🙂

  2. Great LO.

    I’ve been laughing my head off after reading your post 😀 The things kids say!!! My little boy saw the last scene of Princess’ Diaries with me and was trying to ‘teach’ me how they ‘kiss’!!! And in a society like India, if anyone other than DH or me heard this, we’d be in for a bashing 😀


  3. Ha Ha I had to laugh at your post!!!!!!!!!lol…
    Only a man would come out with that answer to!!!lol…
    I tried the exersise…..they are stll facing South!!!
    Chicken fillets all the way Savatiri….

    I love your Gorgeous LO the girls are `beautiful` TFS
    Have a great weekend:) xxx

  4. BAHAHAHAHA. You are and I are very much alike! At least you have longer hair! I will never have a “rack” and I will never have long hair because it is just sooo thick and course….. So see???

  5. This L/O is intoxicating! I love EVERYTHING about it – oh, those girls are DARLING!!!!! YOU, my friend, are ALL girl! – YOU’RE A MOM! Your parts have done ALL that they should and for whatever they don’t… God made “push-up bras!” You’re golden, sista!

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