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Mom's Baby Girl

Don’t you ever feel like after a vacation, long or short, that you need another vacation just to get back into your routine and take care of things that you left behind? Granted I don’t have a job I still feel that way after the Germany trip. I think I am caught up with my stuff though and trying to get motivated to do some house painting. I want to do the kitchen, my craft room and the girls’ bedroom. I want to do an IKEA run too with the hubby. We need some storage solution. He’s never been either and I want to show him the “mini airport”.

I can’t believe it’s almost October. October is bitter sweet for me. It’s sweet because it’s a wonderful fall month but it’s a bit on the bitter end too because every year on this month I get a tad bit older. Well, maybe I’ll be like an awesome wine… gets better as it ages, ha!

Before I get to the layout info, thanks for the good wishes! Jovie is feeling much better I think. She only woke up once last night! Also thanks for all the shop suggestions. I haven’t gone yet but will check those stores out. Online the styles look nice.

About the page…

This girl is REALLY a momma’s girl. It’s a bit overwhelming at times because she only wants me, even when hubby or M is around. I get pooped and at the end of the day and all I look forward to is that little bit of me time… the one that I can get after everybody goes to bed. I am hoping that this will past!!

I did my usual small layers of embellishments. There’s a bit of Pink Paislee, Basic Grey paper that I trimmed out, sheet note, brad, etc. Just little things to make it seem like Jovie was looking out to see the below instead of whatever it was when I took the photo (I think it was nothing).

Mom's Baby Girl

Just for some extra visual I added this button and a piece of circle paper under it. I wanted to get an office feel into this layout. I dunno, just felt like it ya know {::SMILE}.

Mom's Baby Girl

Well that’s it. I was browsing the Internet last night, looked at a few challenge galleries and goodness, the colors one from Ning are a must do!! I wish I have more time!!!

Hope everybody has a great one!!! More later!

8 thoughts on “Caught Up!

  1. awww.. what a gorgeous layout!
    I am mom of an 18 mo baby girl.. whenever I read your post I smile to myself – reminds me of me 🙂
    Glad to hear J is feeling better.

  2. Oh i luv the scrap page, luv the orange color, i shud really try it … what a cute cute pic of Jovie, glad she is feeling better. Like i always tell ya, i cud only imagine what it is to be a mother, and you are so good at parenting, i think i wud only last a couple days as a mom … hee! Me time is important, i dunn have kids and even i need me time, from hubby, school, now work I’m sure :S

    C 🙂

  3. I definitely feel the SAME way, when I return home from my vacations. LoL… Your body just needs rest and time to do “nothing”. Haha….
    Oh, this layout is so pretty, Savitri. And that photo of Jovie is so, so, so cute! I love it!

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