Remembering You

Topiaries, CSS Sept. Release

If you’re a mom you know that sick kidlets, babies especially, can be the most challenging and sweetest time. Jovie’s sick, been sick since last night. I ended up sleeping on the floor next to her crib because she’d wake up and not go back to sleep a few times since she went to bed. If hubby didn’t have to go to work so early in the morning I’d bring Jovie in to our room but he needed his sleep too so the floor was it for me.

Just before the writing of this post I was cuddling Jovie. She fell asleep while I was holding her and rubbing her little head. It felt so nice to hold their little body close and if you’re a mom you know what I’m talking about. She was on me for a little while before I laid her down. I just wanted to remember the moment because I know one day I’d wake up and she’d be going off to college. I still can’t believe how big M is now and I keep telling both girls to not grow up so quickly.

Today I also have a simple little card created using Clear and Simple’s Topiaries set. It’s a simple little card with rich colors (I love CSS’s card stock and ink colors) which I really love because it’s a reflection of my life right now. Simple but full of love and happiness — riches that no money can buy. I love my little family, wonderful kids and a hubby who’s not only a great partner but a great and loving daddy.

I hope today, if you haven’t that is, you take the time to reach out and hold those who are dear to you. Life is precious and you never know what tomorrow will hold. Now is what you have, take advantage of it!!

NOTE: All materials by Clear and Simple Stamps except for the twine and white card stock.

4 thoughts on “Remembering You

  1. Gorgeous card!! Love the simplicity and the use of buttons. I love the awesome rich colours.

    Hope Jovie is feeling better.. yeah time sure fly us by, dont they.. good thing we are crafters.. we capture teh moments for the future too 😀

  2. Hope Jovie is feeling better now. Kids do grow a bit too soon… 🙁 But c’est la vie…

    Lovely card. I like the colors you have used and the super buttons.

  3. Absolutly `Beautiful`…..
    Hope Jovie is feeling better!!!!
    They do grow up too fast….
    I love kissing and cuddling and loving my Grandbabys all the time…..Its not as cool with the grown up kids!!!althugh they are still affectinate to…..
    Your children are precious:)TFS:) xxx

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