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First most recent favorite thing: Potato and leek soup. I found it on AllRecipes and of course I had to tweak it just a bit:

2 good size garlic cloves chopped
2 shallots sliced
1 tsp white pepper

I also didn’t have any American bacon (pork belly and more fatty) so I used 250g (about half a pound) British bacon (from the back cut of pork which is less fatty) and I added a tbs of butter. But if you use American bacon I’d not use the extra butter.

In terms of cooking. I let the potato boil with the broth (I used cubes) as the original recipe directed but for the other portion I sauteed the bacon first for about 4-5 minutes (English bacon doesn’t get crispy), then I added the butter, garlic and shallots, and then gradually the leak until the leek was soft. I think this took 5-10 minutes. Then I dumped everything into the pot of potato and broth. Last was the cream and pepper. I let it mix for around 5 minutes.

Here’s a garlic tip. When chopping garlic use your knife to cut the rough edge off. Then put the flat side of your knife on the garlic and smash the knife (or push down hard if you’re the stronger than me) with your hand (careful not to cut yourself!). The wider the knife the better (I chop with a chef’s knife). After it’s smash just pull the rest of the skin off and use your knife to chop the already crushed garlic a bit more so that it’s finer (unless you love chunky garlic). Here’s a video that does more less of what I usually do. My friend in college taught me how to chop this way. Before this I had to painfully remove the skin first and then chop.

Oh, on the cream, hubby got double heavy cream and the recipe only requires heavy cream. I don’t know if this made a difference but goodness, the soup was DIVINE!!! Wish I took a photo of it. We were too hungry {::SMILES}.

Second most favorite thing: Baby Signing Time. Not only is this Jovie’s most favorite video series they are also teaching her how to communicate with us. While she’s getting there in speaking she’s still mostly babbling so signing has helped us quite a bit! Here’s a little sampling of the video:


If you have little ones I seriously recommend teaching them how to sign. It’s also suppose to increase their IQs too and speech. While M loves My Baby Can Talk for her first signing video (she went to Signing Time later on) Jovie doesn’t care of that much and prefers the Signing Time series. They’re both excellent though and I highly recommend them. M spoke early, at 14-mo, but she knew how to use 2-3 words in a sentence right away. Jovie, while just going bok bok (book) or mo mo (more) she can already sign using 1-2 signs at a time. On average kids don’t start putting words together until at least 18-mo. The only downside is that at 14/15-mo-old she’s already very demanding. She’d wake up asking milk, cereal AND ice cream. In the middle of the day she’ll sign bus which basically means she’d like to ride the bus that goes to Cambridge. She always tells me when there’s an airplane nearby and when she wants water or a bath. Jovie’s hand never stops talking that’s for sure!!

Third favorite thing: Just living here in the UK with the family. Life is wonderful and I’ve never been happier!!

Card info:

I made this card some months back for the Embellish call but never formally submitted it although I did email it to Ash. I dunno, after looking at it I didn’t feel like it was pub worthy. The theme was using buttons creatively and I don’t think my button usage was very creative. There’s nothing new there don’t ya think? So here it is. For the card I used Practicing Creativity’s stamps. The punch was Martha Stewart’s and the twine I got from Etsy, Annie42.

13 thoughts on “Some Favorite Things

  1. Vit, we just got the baby einstein series. There is 1 episode about baby signing. But curious also for the Signing time series. Patrick has not reacted to the video or to my effort yet. But love to see him watching and curious. Thanks, btw for the tips the other day

  2. UGH! I like it Vit! Sad face you didn’t submit. But happy face for posting this recipe and your takes on it! I’ve been dying for a good potato soup and this one is perfect. Sad face you didn’t take a picture, but I’ll be happy when I make some! Lots of happy and sad faces for me! haha

  3. Today you blogged about 3 of may favorite things: Card making, Potato Leek soup and Signing Time. My son loved these videos – obviously there are newer ones because I don’t remember ever seeing BOAT.
    We got the videos at the library and he learned to sign AFTER he learned to talk but he loved them so much and he would go to day care and share his new signs with the teachers. They were so impressed with his knowledge and enthusiasm that during the summer program that year ALL the kids learned to sign.
    So cool that Jovie is able to communicate so young. Of course asking for ice cream for breakfast is a bit much.

  4. grrr, pictures Savitri, pictures! lol, the soup sound excellent, although I’m always weary bout potatoes, i wouldn’t be able to stop eating it, lol, speaking of the hubby makes this awesome soup with curry, which I luv luv, you can choose to omit the cream or not, I like it without the cream, cuz I love the taste of the veggies better! here:

    dunno if you’ve heard of it, but it’s awesome! you can add any veggie you like too! Cute card! luv the kite with the twine.

    Happy yer happy!!!

    C 🙂

  5. Savitri, I love, love, LOVE the color combo of this card! So bright and vibrant and super cute!!! Thanks for the recipe. Although I don’t have kids yet, I will be sure to keep the “signing” in mind for when the time comes. It definitely seems fun and so interesting. I love reading about your tips! 🙂

  6. Such a pretty card! Have u stuck the string in between? Garlic chopping technique is cool. Though I also have mine! I slit a garlic horizontally and open it like a book, then cut off the head with skin. try it;)

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