Sept 11th


Today I have a card using the new Waltzingmouse sketch. It’s a simple one and this is my interpretation of it.

As for the title… even though my spiritual believes don’t put a lot of weight on the body and what happens to it after the soul has left it I respect what an individual has done in his/her lifetime. Granted that we weren’t in NY it was still something we thought about when we were visiting the largest European American cemetery: Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery on Sept. 11th.

Here are some pictures from that day. Since hubby was at school in Germany, work related school, he had his uniform in the car and so he put everything on (right there next to the car parked just to the left of the photo) so that he could salute and pay his respect to the Americans who fought and died during WW1.

American Cemetery Montfaucon-d'Argonne France

Just a close-up photo, one out of 14,246.

American Cemetery Montfaucon-d'Argonne France

Just them three walking up to the little chapel.

American Cemetery Montfaucon-d'Argonne France

This was a different area. This was Verdun or Douaumont. In that building are the remains of the unknown soldiers. Hubby said when he took a peak into one of the window there were bones everywhere, all sorts of them, skulls included. I didn’t look. It was a bit creepy for me.


Trenches ?of the bayonets. This is a burial site. During the war this was a trench with soldiers carrying weapons hiding in it. A bomb went off covering the trench with dirt and the men were buried alive. You can to really look but you can see the end of their bayonets sticking out of the dirt.

Trenches of the Bayonnet

The day wasn’t all gloomy (or the History Channel). We ended up in Bouillon that night (it’s only 46 miles away) and got to see this fortified castle (first mentioned in 988 AD although the exact year it was built is unknown) and had the FABULOUS dinner that I shared yesterday.


We didn’t spend a lot of time in Bouillon. It was just dinner, chocolates, and a night but we will come back to do some sight-seeing and relaxing in this area. This is one of those places that you want to get a week home rental. Very beautiful, lots of trees, lots of little villages to see, etc. While driving to the different sites there was a car with a wild boar on it and I had to laugh out loud. It was an Asterix moment for sure – my favorite comic book growing up!!

Have a great one!!


Stamps: Waltzingmouse
Pattern paper: Digital paper by Quirky Twerp from the Digichick
Accessories: Ribbon, ?twine and button

14 thoughts on “Sept 11th

  1. Love the tag with the sentiment stamped on it Savitri! the colors are just wonderful on this – and what impressive inspiring pictures – it must have been very humbling to be there in person!

  2. Beautiful way you captured those precious moments, Vit. That castle leaves me speechless. Oh how I wish I was in your back pocket for that journey! 🙂

    Beautiful card, too! That tag is yum! (Is that an Etsy find?)

  3. Hi Savatiri,

    Your post is beautiful,love the photo`s they speak volumes!!!!
    A pleasure to catch up..glad you had a great time away…
    WOw the girls are growing so very quick!
    and cickey where has the time gone?

    Hope your all well
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend:)

  4. This is just gorgeous! I love the layering and tag is just gorgeous! Beautiful colours.

    The castle overlooking the villages is just divine. I can imagine staying there for a week, leisurely browsing throught the villages 😀

  5. Beautiful pics! Love the sepia…. I spent a year in France while in university, and did a self guided tour of many war memorials. It was an emotional, humbling and inspiring weekend. What a great opportunity for M to see it. The pic of the 3 of them is stunning!
    Thakns for sharing!

  6. These pictures are SO moving! Your photography is JUST breath taking! Thank goodness you are such a magnificent paper crafter to maintain the balance! hee hee YOUR card is breath taking, too! What a terrific share!

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