Fall Harvest

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Today M’s school had an event, half a food drive and half a little celebration at the local church for the food we’ve gotten and will continue to receive. The children had a little program and they were all adorable.

I’ve been to many food drives. I’ve been involved in a few of them too — or least make the posters for the events — but today was the first time that I saw fresh produced donated to a food bank. There were fresh peaches, corn, carrots, etc. There were homemade jams, breads, and other goodies. Amongst the glorious (fresh) food was my canned goods, juice and rice (fresh) from the Commissary. After some serious eye-balling I did see other canned or fast food items but not many. I felt kind of lame after that event and you could obviously tell which items were from the American, ha!

Speaking of fall, it’s getting cold here, the leaves are starting to change, and it’s in the low 60s this week for the high. We turned the heat on yesterday but we seem to have a problem telling it to come on at the right time. We’re used to the modern electronic thermostat and not the old dial system. Light is getting harder to come by too. There’s still daylight but it hasn’t been as bright as usual, if the sun shines it’s for a short moment. I do love fall though. It’s the only time that I can dress up (boots, calf length skirts/dresses, light jackets, etc.) although I am a fan of sun dresses and flip-flops.

Since we’ve been back I keep thinking of the food we had in Belgium too. So divine and the whole experience is making me want to go on our next trip: Paris, for a weekend!! Let me share a few pictures while I think about it… We ate at the Hotel de la Poste in Bouillon, Belgium. The food was AWESOME and pretty looking too!

This was my Tartare. It’s a starter dish. Salmon, clams and spices. There’s soft cheese too and bread. The brown line on the back is the sauce.

Tartare at Hotel de la Poste

This was M’s main dish as part of her kid’s meal. She shared the dish with Jovie although Jovie was quite content with bread and a lot of butter (she’d poke her finger into the butter and lick it — classy I know).

Kid's Meal at Hotel de la Poste

Did I tell you that this kid can smile on command? I’d say, “Cheesy smile” and Jovie would do the below. Aaah, I’ve trained her well, huh?

Jovie at Hotel de la Poste

The very nice restaurant that was children friendly. Oh, it’s pet friendly too. You can’t find a dog (with a pink cast) lounging around the lobby in an American restaurant.

Hotel de la Poste, Restaurant

I have a thing for nice table settings. I LOVE formal dinners at our home, esp. on holidays. It’s one of the reason why I’m not a fan of buffet holiday meals. Formal dinners don’t come often and when it does it’s an excuse for me to decorate the table and cook thoughtfully prepared dishes. I love this design style. Just so elegant and simple.

Hotel de la Poste, Restaurant

Yes we did some food splurging but we deserve it I think. It was a celebration. We celebrated being together, hubby’s graduation (distinguished grad!!), our current debt-free life (the house we just sold was our last debt), our move to the UK, and our first big trip.

Card details:

I had fall in mind when creating this card. Even though the card’s a tad bit on the bright side it contains fall colors: red, gold/yellow, green, and brown. For the stamp I used Clear and Simple Stamp’s Topiaries set. The card is pretty simple which brings me back to my roots… simple ol’ papercrafter me. Other materials I used are: SU cardstock, Etsy Annie42 Twine, and Copic markers. I distressed too using an old Making Memories tool.

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  1. this is just lovely. Love the colour on the card.
    Wow.. the restaurant looked fabulous. So glad you enjoyed the food and the trip.. Food is so important to me when I travel lol. 🙂

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