You NEED a Chip Card


Hey again!! Today’s is my “official” day at Pebbles Inc. If you’re not a Pebbles blog subscriber you can see their announcement here. There’s a little blurb and fun questionnaire in there if you want to know more about me. This is also my first project using one of their FUN line: Treehouse. You know how I love to trim pattern papers, right? This line has a few different paper for me to do just that. Doing this is a great inexpensive way to add embellishment to a page. Do visit the Pebbles blog, spend a little bit of time browsing their past DT intros and be inspired. There are tons of talented designer working with me this year and they all have their own unique styles.

Then on to my title…I do want to start out with a note. A note to my American banks… Dear USAA and Bank of America (the European one), when will you all start putting chips onto your cards? You know how hard it was for me to gas up in Belgium? Have none of gone to Europe, driving, and try to gas up? Do you know how ridiculous I looked when trying to purchase gasoline at an unmanned station? Ok, you’re probably thinking: “Well, that was stupid, lady”. But ya know what, how was I suppose to know that my American card would be rejected? I would have bribed one of the other customers if they knew how to speak English or I could say: “I’ll give you this money and interest if you pump gas using your chip card into my gas tank,” in French. Did I mention that my GPS was broken? Yes, I wouldn’t be complaining so much if I had something to tell me where the next gas station would be. I still had a quarter of a tank but with two little kids and just me I was a bit worried (FYI, my 6-yr-old was ready to push the car if it came to that). I wish you know how happy I was when I realized that we were in France last Sunday on our drive back. A lot of manned gas stations are closed on Sundays in Belgium, or just open for a little bit. We just passed the Belgium border and I wish you know how happy I was when I saw a person walking around the counter at the gas station last Sunday!

Now I did open a UK bank and I did get a chip card but I didn’t get my PIN until after we got back from our trip. A huge inconvenience!

While I’m not sure which is more secure I really think the chip is better because you can use the chip card anywhere while the none-chip you can only use it if there’s a swipe card machine. I just heard today from a comment on my last post that it’s coming to America. So maybe by the time we come back it’ll be the same system there too.

So there’s a little story from my trip. I did get gas. I found a gas station around the corner that had somebody taking money. She tried to sell me some chips while I was paying but she gave up after I said: “Je parle un peu Francais.” I guess that’s something nice to have, the inability to communicate well that is, when you live in a country where they speak a different language, you can get rid of sales people quicker, ha!

Page Details:

There’s really not a lot to explain. I did a lot of cutting and I used different size dimensionals to adhere everything. I LOVE the little bit of glitter here and there. Kind of spice up the page a bit I think.


6 thoughts on “You NEED a Chip Card

  1. oh my goodness! this page is SO cute and adorable! I luv it, and yes, you luv color, and well, i’m not surprised you can out eat almost any normal guy, hehe 🙂 luv the pic of you and Jovie, let me tell ya, from someone who does not like taking pics, once you go back and look at them, it ain’t so bad 🙂 hehe, but it still takes some getting used to! 🙂 Well, I am so lookin forward what you make for Pebbles, having never heard of them, this will be fun!

    C 🙂

  2. Great layout…love all the fussy cutting!!! I’d be in big trouble over there because it always seems like I fill up the tank with fuel when I’m dangerously low…& never carry cash..haha

    Big congrats on the pebbles dt!!

  3. Welcome back, Savitri.

    Gorgeous layout!!! I love the little detailing.
    Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while…. wish I could comment on each post… out of time 🙁

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