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I have some projects I’m working on but they’re still cookin’. Today I want to share some of my favorite apps with you, my favorite Android AND WordPress blog apps/plug-ins. Even though I now don’t get paid to play with web/media technologies I still like to keep up with them because I’m just a geek and also in hopes that one day I’ll get hired again to play with technology {::SMILES}. I’ll probably rattle off some others that I think are nice too, just cause I’m a geek, ha!

WordPress. Oh I so love thee. Granted there are a couple others I’d love to get my hands on they’re not free. So for now WP is it for me. Now, keep in mind that if you do not have the installed version of WP the WP portion of this post will be useless to you. But if you do have WP, the version, then you might find this handy. Now, while I’ll link the different plug-in to the developer’s site, you can install all the ones here from inside WP’s plug-in page. Just login to your Admin page, go to the Plug-In, click Add New, and type in the names of the plug-ins and install.

  1. My most favorite WP app is WPTouch. It helps my blog look pretty on mobile browsers. If you have a mobile/cell phone with Internet go to my blog via it and you should see something like this


  2. and when you click on a post, it’ll look like this


    See how pretty it looks? You don’t have to zoom in/out or squint. If you keep scrolling you’ll see the comments and different ways to share the post. I only have the free version.

  3. Next is the WP-DBManager. If you own your own blog it’s always a great idea to back it up every so often. This little tool is a handy dandy thing to have inside your WP blog!!
  4. Askismet. This is a MUST have! I probably should list this as a number one because without it I’d probably have a lot of spam comments. But with this little thing I probably get a handful a year. They’re the “better” kinds where the comments would relate to the post. But, they’d be in my moderation folder anyways since I have my WP set to moderate for every new email addy. Once your addy has been approved your comments will automatically show up. No need for those captcha things (which I hate).
  5. Category Page. If you look up to my menus you’ll see the Digi Tut menu button. If you click on it you’ll see a list of all my video tuts. I didn’t type all that in there. The plug-in does it automatically for me. I just have to insert a little code in there and each time I add a post with the category of “digital tutorial” it’ll add a link to the post on that Digi Tut page. Nice, huh? It’s a neat tool to organize!!!
  6. Smart-YouTube. I use this for my YouTube videos. I like the look and it gives me the option to show the video in regular, high res, or high dev. This was the only thing available when high res came about and I’ve loved it since.

There are many other useful ones but I’ll leave you with five for now.

Android. I’ve only had this for almost two weeks but the geek in me is so embracing it. It’s sooooooooooooo nice to have the Internet on the go again!!! The £25/mo (100 minutes, 500 text, and 1GB bandwidth) is totally worth it even though I hardly get a phone call on it. In the US we used to have 450 shared minutes. Then AT&T decided to upgrade everything, including cost (nice, huh?), to I think 600 and by the time we left the US we had over 5,000 roll-0ver minutes. Savitri doesn’t talk on the phone. Actually Savitri doesn’t pick up the phone unless she’s expecting a call or it’s hubby. You all are just better off catching me via email or IM. I only use the phone to get my message across and that’s it. Here in the UK we use Skype for International calls and we have our home phone line which is free on weekends. Also, incoming calls are free here whether it’s your home or mobile phone (which I LOVE cause I shouldn’t have to pay if somebody needs me, right?). So 100 minutes is plenty! I do text but maybe 100 of them/mo. As much as I like reading my emails and such on the phone I don’t quite like typing on it. I am a slow texter!! Unless I have to or I’m totally bored (like waiting at M’s gymnastics) I’d reply on the phone. If not I’d wait until I get home. So, here are some of my favorite apps…

  1. MyBookDroid. I JUST found this today and it’s AWESOME!! I love to read and I am an Agatha Christie book collector – just the Bantam series. When we’re out and about I’d see these books but then I wouldn’t know which one I have already. This little book database system will definitely be a huge help. I am so a member of GoodReads and this app syncs up to it. I love how I can just scan the bar codes of the books, just so slick. My only complain is the uploading to GoodReads. It doesn’t upload it according to categories. Just whether or you you’ve read, want to, etc. Oh well, guess I have to log in to GoodReads and update my stuff.
  2. Kindle. I love that Amazon decided to release the software to read Kindle books on the computer/mobile. Now I don’t have to haul my laptop to the bathroom!! One day I’ll have a real Kindle — maybe soon {::SMILE}.
  3. FXCamera. It’s a really fun camera app that can make the photo look like a Polaroid and others (the Polaroid is what I got it for though). I love it although I wish it zooms! It’s not as fun as iPhone’s Swankolab I think (reminds me of my darkroom days, ha!) but hey, we’re in the world of digital so we can skip the developing and just get to the end result, right?
  4. It pretty much covers all the chat app I use, including Skype. There’s not a lot of chat app where Skype really works and this one, so far, is still going. Too bad it doesn’t do voice!!
  5. FeedSquares. It’s a pretty RSS reader that syncs up with my Google Reader. I really love it. It helps me keep up with what you all do. The only bad thing is that if you have a butt load of unread post it’ll freeze. One blog I had 28 unread posts and that didn’t make FeedSquares happy.

There are other apps and widgets that I love. Even though I don’t use my mobile to talk I use it for organizing my life. I use to have a PocketPC and this Droid replaces it. My Droid, I named it Sasha, syncs up to my calendar and emails and those are what’s important for me. It’s got a loud alarm clock too and a UK traffic app cause traffic here can be a killer. I do love the Navigation system. I think Google did a great job there and other things to make my life easy… like currency converter, clothing size converter, and games for M. I didn’t get a smartphone to look cool. I got this phone so that I can have access to all my crap that’s up there in the clouds — cloud computing. Sweetness…

One thought on “My Favorite Apps

  1. I like this post. I do have a WP blog that I frankly just can’t figure out for the life of me. I was on it the other day and spent two hours and it still looks a mess. Don’t know why I’m not grasping the WP love. But installing the plug-ins is easy. I’ll send you an email about my biggest prob there.

    No Android for me. Just got a Blackberry and having issues w/it since it was locked when I got it. Then they gave me the wrong unlock code and now I’ve used up all of my attempts. So now I have an expensive phone that’s useless to me outside of the U.S. *sighs*

    And now you know … the rest of the story.

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