I Went to the Airport

WPlus9 Ever After Sept. Release

I mean IKEA. I did my virgin IKEA visit and my thought of it as I was paying and confirmed as I walked out towards my car: IKEA is a mini airport.

Since this is a long post let me get to the card first since it is WPlus9’s countdown day. Another card with Ever After. I think this is becoming to be my favorite set! Now you can’t really tell but I did layer the flower which I learned is Gardenia. The card is pretty simple. Just stamping and a tiny bit of (digital) pattern paper with embellishments. I LOVE the ribbon. It’s vintage. Found it, yards of it, at an antique store. They’re Offrey when they were still made in the USA. nice, shiny and thick.

Back to IKEA… The one that I went to is at Lakeside. If you’re looking at London on a map, Lakeside is on the right east side of the M25 motorway, or Interstate, before the river. It’s basically the last exit before you get on the toll bridge to go over the Thames river. This place, Lakeside, is not only the home of IKEA but also a gigantic mall, Costco, and other huge stores (building wise) which names I didn’t recognize.

Now, I’m not sure if all IKEAs are like this but the Lakeside one, once you enter you have to go upstairs to the main showrooms to shop, kind of like an airport. Most departures are upstairs while the end of the arrival areas are usually downstairs or on the same level as the street.

Since this was our first time we didn’t know where to pay. We went back downstairs thinking that’s where it’d be — near the exit ya know. But the lady said no, we needed to go back upstairs and then go down to the self service furniture area. Mind you this was our third time going up. We had to take money out of the ATM the second time because the lady at the food court said that their card machines only take chip cards (I’ll save this for another post) and my card is the regular swipe card. I asked if the main check-out registers only take chip cards and the lady said yes. They just changed their machines recently she said and only take chips.

Up we went again and I saw the check-out arrow. Keep in mind that our IKEA visit was one of my “let’s wing it” kind of ordeal. I didn’t research IKEA to death but then I never thought that IKEA would be the indoor, expensive, version of a corn maze. Have you read that book Who Moved My Cheese? I felt like that stinkin’ mouse!

To get to the cash register I had to go up the elevator, pass the children’s section and food court, go through the kitchen area, then to the rugs, thankfully there was a shortcut and I went through it to the lighting section (if not I’d have to go through the whole rug section, bathroom, bedding, and something else), the frames, and finally the end which had other knick-knacks. You’d think that’d be the end but nooooooo… we had to go downstairs!!!! Now, I am on a daily basis a good with words kind of person but when I saw the flat escalator going down I had to say in my head: WTF?!?! So we went downstairs. We had to. After coming down the elevator we passed the murder section (plants… not Savitri friendly… I kill all house plants), the baskets, and the rows and rows AND rows of furniture. Still, no cash register!!! Finally I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and ya know what the cash register looked like? The customs line at the airport. If you’ve never gone overseas you won’t know what I’m talking about but if have, you’d get the picture. It was the customs line after two airplanes spit out their passengers. If you haven’t gone overseas and you’re American, think of Costco near Christmas. Maybe it was a weekend, a bank holiday weekend, so everybody and their dogs were at IKEA but after all that walking through the maze of consumer-able goods I was not ready for a long line at the register. If it wasn’t because the purchase was for M, I’d dump the one piece I had and walk out. But, M really wanted this furry bed piece and so we stood in line. To make my time worthwhile I grabbed a dust pan or the Blaska. No it wasn’t an impulse buy, I need one. There was no price too but I figured it’s IKEA, it can’t be more than $5. Sure enough, it was only £.99.

Here’s the best part. It was my turn to pay and I saw the card machine. I asked the lady: “So, can you use a regular swipe card?” She said: “Yes, you might have to try a couple of times but yes.” Me inside: {not pretty words were coming out of my brain – words I wish everybody could hear out loud}. So we left IKEA with a throw for M and a £.99 dust pan for me because that was all the cash I had.

As I walked out I had a little chuckle. The outside of IKEA looked like an airport. The blue signs hanging from the ceiling looked exactly like those airline signs to tell you which door you need to enter the airport to check-in. Walking through the car park, or parking lot, I had more laughs. The IKEA maze got some of them and these people were trying to stuff their car (think Euro cars not gigantic American Ford/Chevy trucks) with IKEA goodness. One time I had wondered if the family will be able to fit their little girl into their vehicle. Just for your information, some do take things out of the boxes right there in the parking lot so to fit in their vehicles — this isn’t just an IKEA thing either. We haven’t had to do this but we’d probably have our share sometimes in the next few years. You just have to adjust and make do sometimes.

Walking through IKEA’s showrooms was fun. They really do set things up well. Some of the things I’d get but others I wonder how long they’d last. I liked the kid’s section and the wooden toy. There’s a kitchen for £89 that’s nice. It’s not super cute like the Hamleys one I’ve been eying but I can save a few bucks with the IKEA one. There were some pretty throw pillows too. Very Swedish looking!

I will come back, with hubby, and a chip card. I have a bank appt. Tuesday. I’ve been approved but I need to bring paperwork to finalize it.

Alright, need to see more Ever After? Check out the other DTs stuff!!

9 thoughts on “I Went to the Airport

  1. ANOTHER wonderful, totally unexpected color scheme and perfect festival of “Ever After!” This card is DELICIOUS! {And you and IKEA – Puuuuurrrrrrrrr! – You’re SO funny!} This color scheme is WONDERFUL! Love, love, love your ALWAYS crafty and entertaining show, sweet gal! YEE HAW!

  2. Another gorgeous card!!!Great Ikea story I think they pretty much look like and airport here in the US also. I have only been once because it’s over an hour drive for me probably a good thing!!!

  3. Loving your WPlus9 sneaks!! I didn’t realize you had never been to IKEA, but yes, it is a whole maze they lead you through to actually get you to the products. Next time, you can bypass the showroom and go straight to the products and warehouse. There is a playroom too for kids – don’t know if you saw that? Also, you can stop and have a bite to eat – for cheap! It’s hard to get in and out of that place if you want a few things, tho!! 🙂

  4. HA HA HA. You crack me up! I love Ikea but know exactly what you mean. That place is crazy big and they stage it perfectly to make you walk thru every single room! My best purchase from there was a $9 grill pan…. I rarely use my regular grill since I bought that baby!!!!!!! Love your card!

    1. Sivitri, this card is gorgeous! I just love all of the details and the colors. I have only been to Ikea once in my life, but everyone else that I talk to has sooo many mixed reviews about the place. LoL… It’s always funny to hear about everyone’s experiences.

  5. Aaahh, Ikea. Yes, it would have been nice to get the inside scoop in advance. For my first visit several years ago, I went w/someone who had a clue. Now I know my way around like a pro and can avoid the showroom and cafeteria.

    Hang in there. I do like many of their products. Waiting, impatiently, for the Ikea to be built in Cairo.

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