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Happy Birthday

On a bed and breakfast in France!! I have Chardon Room and Buttercup/Autumn Leaf to choose from. There are no reviews on them but they all look good, three (French) stars, and breakfast included in the price. I am having a hard time because, I’m not sure which way we’re driving back. We need to catch a ferry in Dunkirk, France, I haven’t purchase yet but aiming for 4p (with a 3:30p check-in). From the Chardon we can go via the French highway, which is paid toll, and will cost around 22 Euros + 4 hrs, or through Belgium which will be 4.75 hrs and no toll cost (I am leaning more towards the French tolls though). If we stay in the Autumn Leaf (M doesn’t want to sleep in her own room) it’ll be 21.40 Euros + 3.5 hrs. Of course the one that takes longer to get to the ferry is the closest to everything we want to see (a few places we can walk to them), granted Autumn Leaf is only 20-30 miles from the sites we’re interested in.

Chardon has a dinner option where Autumn Leaf ask that guests go find themselves a restaurant. I like the idea of eating breakfast and at least a dinner at the B&B and chit-chatting with the owners and other folks there. I am wanting to practice a bit more French. I can’t do that at a restaurant, except just to order food and stuff. At the B&B I’m hoping that I’d feel a bit more unconscious about my (lack of) abilities and speak. I do love both places though.

The two B&B are unique in their own ways. Both, via emails, have been very helpful although I do feel a bit more warm and fuzzy towards the Chardon gentleman whom I’ve been corresponding with. I love that he offered to continue answering questions whether we stay there or not. My main interest in the Chardon is the location, the meals, and the owner. For Autumn Leaf, it’s the house, the interior of the house, and that it’s a bit shorter distance to the ferry and we can have a longer lunch break or more little stops. Jovie is a good traveler but ya never know, right?

Which would you choose? I have told both that I am considering two places.

My project….

I decided to participate in the Card Pattern’s sketch. It’s been a while since I did one. For this card I used some digital paper from the Digichick. The butterfly was from a Making Mischief kit by Karen Lewis and the other pattern paper was by Sugar Plum Paperie, Tiny Princess. I was playing with mellow colors with a splash of boldness. I’m not sure if I achieved this or not but I kind off like how the card turned out. For the stamps I used a Stampin’ Up! set called Central Park and PTI’s tag stamp.

So that’s it for tonight. I hope you all can help me and gnight for now!!

10 thoughts on “Help Me Decide!

  1. ooh, a bad and breakfast, i dunno, i’d go with the mansion – the second choice, seems more chic, lol, they both look nice to me, but i’d rather stay in the mansion 🙂 cute card! oh yeah, i missed you on the chat crop …. we shud do it again, it was a LOT of fun!


  2. Hmmm. Have not checked out the links yet but I agree that the quaintness of a B and B would be nice to pick up/practice your French. this is a super cute card!

  3. Oh you mean Dunkerque, I had no idea the spelling differs in English 🙂 Hm with what you wrote, I think you really want the Chardon 😉

  4. My two cents: The Chardon Room. Good location and easy going relationship with the proprietor is worth it. Also, you’ll be able to walk to some places and eat and practice your French! Though the interior is not as “fancy” as the other, you’ll probably be too busy to spend all that time in your room anyway right? I am so jealous…a B&B in France!

  5. The # 2 BB’s interior looks fab! However, if the other one is nearer to the ferry & have breakfast & dinner included, then I’d rather have the convenience than the nice interior. If that’s me though! Just sayin….
    Your CP card looks so cute! Loving the white space and that little nest props. So adorable! So glad you could join us again at Card Patterns Savitri!

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