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Happy Birthday

Dawn at WPlus9 wanted us girls to share what our must have tools are for papercrafting to create our “signature” style. Well, the tools weren’t hard to figure out but the signature style… hmm… a bit harder. After browsing through my own stuff I see mostly clean. My clean can do different directions. It can be simple or a bit cluttery and at odd times vintage but I think most of them has a clean feel to them. My scrapbook is a bit more fluid I think but again, if I have to pick one, they’re still all clean designs. What do you think? Am I right about myself? When I read your comments about my designs I get this now and then: “You have an interesting style”. Which I wonder what the heck it is {:: SMILES}.

So my favorite must have tools are:

  • Scor-It. I LOVE this and it’s what I use to scor my cards. I have the Scor-Pal too but I think it’s only been used twice. It just doesn’t work so well for me, rips my paper if I push too hard where the It doesn’t care less if I’m gentle/rough on it.
  • Tonic guillotine. After going through a lot of trimmers this is my favorite. I have a few others but this one is the sharpest and straightest. It’s not perfect, sometimes I can’t see exactly where I’m trimming if I want to trim at .01mm — I know, right — but hey, it happens sometimes!
  • A great, or two, pair of scissors. I have a Stampin’ Up! and Martha Stewart one. I have two because I work on the table and floor. That way I don’t have to exercise my legs too much, ha!
  • Dimensionals. LOVE this thing and I have a gigantic roll of it although I buy all sorts of them when there’s a sale. The 1/16″ from Stampintons is my favorite. The 1/8″ is a bit too sticky when cutting. I have some SU ones too but I find them a tad too thin. I do use them for the most top layers although lately I’ve been using these vintage 3M ones that my father-in-law gave me. He gave me a ton of them!
  • Ribbons and latest favorite: baker’s twine! I buy them all {::SMILES}.
  • Of course I gotta have stamps and ink and clear blocks. I love rubber stamps but there’s nothing better than a great quality photo-polymer stamp like what WPlus9 carries. Not only can I see where I am stamping they are super easy to store too. Less space!! My ink of choice are still Stampin’ Up! My first SU ink I bought over 10 years ago and it’s still wet!!! I do LOVE Papertrey Ink’s fresh snow. Just way better than any other white/cream brand I’ve tried. Oh, Versamark for embossing!
  • Distressing tool. This thing is great for imperfect paper edges! Mine is old and the best $.99 I spent!!
  • Buttons!! I take all too!!
  • Last I’d like to say my sewing machine but uhmm… that thing hates me! I wish it doesn’t though because I’d love to use it on more stuff!!!!

I think that’s it! Do check to see what others have and I know for sure you want to see what Maile has for a tutorial using baker’s twine. CUTE!!


Stamps: WPlus9 Mehndi Medallion and Guiding Light
Cardstock: Stampin’ Up!
Ribbon: Vintage Offrey
Button: Rhonna Farrer
Twine: Etsy

4 thoughts on “My Must Haves

  1. Such a sweet lovely card. I love the colour of the cardstock :). Love your style as always. I heart this stamp too… Have ordered but it takes forever to reach here 🙁

    Style.. I dont think I have one yet.. free styler at the moment, I think coz I m rather new to crafting and still absorbing all the different techniques and trying them out. But I would it to be CAS but a meaningful one.. hopefully soon :).

    I love your favourite things… list is cool 🙂

  2. Hi, Savitri! I’ve followed your blog for ages, though I’m not sure I’ve ever commented. I just placed my very first Etsy order! I just wanted to thank you for pointing me to Annie42. I can’t wait to get my order!

    I love, love, LOVE your work, btw. You were one of my very first RSS feeds when I first started blogging. I’m always happy to see something you’ve made. Thank you! Thank you!


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