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I am getting ready to get the hubby in Germany. Ok, it’s still a few weeks but I am a planner. If I can get everything my way I’d plan every single details of my life. BUT, it’s probably a good thing life isn’t like that because I’d be totally boring person and I’d be busy just researching what my next meal will be. I still like to plan but I can wing it if I must or just feel sporadic.

The girls and I are planning on driving through the M25 (the Interstate in the US) — or the big London car park (it’s a joke but at times it might as well be because traffic is so bad) — to Dover, hop on the Ferry to Dunkerque, France, then through Belgium and then Germany. Here’s the Michelin’s route if you’re interested (if you’re traveling to Europe and driving, do use ViaMicheline/Mappy to route your travels. It’s better than Google Maps for traveling — they’re itinerary sites and you can get the approximate toll fees and gas for the whole route).

I haven’t decided whether we’ll be leaving the evening and then spend a night in Dover or leave early in the morning and catch the 8 a.m. ferry (if M25 behaves it’s a 2hr drive but with M25 who knows although driving through at 5 a.m. should be ok). I think for sanity reasons leaving in the evening seems the best. That way I won’t have to wake up so early. The ferry ride is two hours so it’ll give Jovie plenty of exercise time. I thought of the Eurotunnel (35 min vs 2hrs) but the boat seems more relaxing with just me being the adult. Jovie will Β probably nap for a good hour at least after we get in the car again and then we’ll stop between Brussel and Liege, or about 1.5-2hrs drive. BUT, if the weather looks bad we’re taking the tunnel. Ain’t gonna mess with the waves! Then off again to Spangdahlem Air Base (about 2hrs) where a good friend of mine is and we’ll stay the night there. I haven’t seen her since M was two I think? Very excited about this part!! Β The next day I want to stop at Trier which is suppose to be the oldest city in Germany and then to hubby which from Spangdahlem is about an hour or so away.

I know that this sounds crazy but I’m really looking forward to driving our UK car… right hand steering wheel… on the right side of the road. The driving would come in naturally after a few turns I think (I didn’t have a hard time remembering I needed to be on the left side here) but not having a good view of the road will be interesting. A lot of Americans here have a US spec car driving on UK roads so it’s doable (hubby swaps between our UK car and his ’62 Impala). It should be highway driving 95% of the time and when we stop for food/gas I have no intention of passing anybody in front of me so I think we’ll be ok.

On our way back I want to take my husband to see Verdum in France. I read that it was a huge WW1 area and hubby’s a huge WW1 and WW2 buff so I think he’ll really like this stop. After that, no plans really, just see whatever on our way back to the port. We might stay the night in Dover. Would love to see the castle/fort and the secret tunnel there.

Today I have this digital page to share. It’s just hubby in London. The kit’s from Paislee Press at O’Scrap. It’s another simple one.

Ok, that’s it. Does anybody have any suggestion for the trip? I know I need change for the toll somewhere around the M25 and a tiny bit maybe in France (French main highways, the majority, are paid tolls) although somebody said he doesn’t think there’s one from Dunkerque. I’ve called my insurance and all’s great and I do need to get a car kit. The driving rules are pretty strict around here and Europe in general.

6 thoughts on “Driving to Germany

  1. Savitri, you are truly a planner. I think it’s a side effect of staying in US for longer period;) My husband was like that….but, staying with me since 7 years has spoiled him;)
    All the best for your trip. Have fun. I’ll be waiting for the pics!:)

  2. such a lovely page.. simple but beautiful πŸ˜€

    Ooo.. Germany, you are a researcher and very systematic in approach :D.Would totally love a road trip like this myself πŸ˜€ Sounds so fun!!!

    My consulting firm does behaviour profiling, assessment tools and leadership simulation planning and training… kinda trying to read your profile from what and how you share :)…
    am still learning, very steep learning curve.. coz I have one tough boss, he practises tough love on us… very dominant in behaviour ;p. I hope I can survive this journey lol.

  3. Hey there πŸ™‚
    Like the plans you’re drawing up πŸ™‚
    I’m currently in “moving” mode, we’re going to occupy the new flat the upcoming weekend (wheee :)), which is why there was no posting or crafting recently.
    Would be really cool to meet for a coffee or something when you’re in the area πŸ™‚ Let me know!!

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