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It was so much easier to take a photograph of Jovie a few months ago. She was less jumpy, wiggly, and rambunctious. But now and then, after 10-20 shots, I’d get one good one. Thank goodness for digital, right? My tip for today isn’t how to make your moving child stay still (duct tape might help) but it’s about staying on their level.

When I take my kids’ photos I like to get down on their level. If you want to make them look small or helpless then getting a shot from the top is great but for fun kiddie shots that you want to scrapbook or hang on the wall you need to get down with them. Try it out and see how you like the results!

Although a nice camera is always nice, you get more control of your equipment and you can get better lenses too, other big parts of photography is how you use light (very important!!), post processing (from back in the film days to now this is a huge part of a photographer’s activity) and your own skills, point-of-view, and artistic feel. The same picture can look totally different based on how it’s cropped for example. The same model can look different based on the angle of the camera. I’ve seen photos using a point-and-shoot that looked like it was done using a high end camera. So taking nice photographs is not just for those with a nicer set of equipments.

Page Details:

I used the Color Room’s sketch and colors for this page, #18. It’s a very busy sketch but I think I toned it down just a tad bit. For the page I used some stickers and also did a tad bit of stamping. The photos are of Jovie, moving around like crazy, with not a single good shot. When it was nice and clear the pose wasn’t right or the facial expression was off. But, this is what the page is all about – the memories of her little active life as a 13-mo-old baby and me trying to capture every minute of it.

The layered papers are October Afternoon and Sassafrass Lass. This type of layout makes really good use of scraps, just a bit here and a few there. The stamp that I used is from Waltzingmouse: Victorian Frippery. I also wanted to use some road symbols for the “stop” but didn’t have one. I just have a don’t enter one from American Craft. So I used it instead. Plus I like the look better. Whatever, right? It’s my page {::SMILE}. I also still have a few of the Friendly Forest stickers from Colorbox and since the colors fit I used them too. I like adding none related things to page. I just think it makes the page more fun.

Oh, the ripped edge… accident. I added a staple under the red scalloped paper. Ended up not liking the staple and stuck the AC camera on it instead. The rip… well, a bit of paper curling made the rip more like a part of the page.


Ok, for the blog candy winner… congrats AMY!! Please post a comment here or send me an email using the Contact Me form on the top of my page and I’ll let Dawn and WPlus9 that you’re the winner. You can then pick a favorite set!! Congrats again and thank you all for the comments and for playing along!!

Candy Winner

Amy's Comment

Palette #18, the Color Room at Ning

6 thoughts on “Stamp Winner + Photo Tip

  1. cute cute Savitri, i can only imagine how much moving around Jovie will do once she’s walking (i’m assuming she’s not yet …) Well, luv luv the LO and wanted to play along but have no idea how to submit it on that site :S if u get this soon will u help me navigate their site, seems like they work on forums :S


  2. That is one fun and beautiful layout. I totally get the babies not holding still….my 1 year old is all over the place and won’t let me get a decent shot. I have to sneak up on her.

    YAY!! I am so excited to be the winner of your giveaway. I love stamping and I can’t wait to try out WPlus9 stamps. Thanks so much!!


    P.S. The ? in my original comment are really {heart}s, I don’t know why they appear as question marks on here. =)

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