Want Consignment Store!


One of my friend told me that I could afford new clothes. Why go to a consignment store she asked. It’s really not about whether I can afford it or not but it’s all about reusing and recycling. Plus, if you go to a nice store a lot of the stuff in there are not only brand names but also almost new (or new, with price tags and all)! I miiiiiiiissss going to one! When I did go I’d spend $50-$100 and leave with what it could have been a few hundred dollars of almost new brand name clothes. LOVED it!! I’ve heard that London has a few but so far I haven’t found any around here for me. There are charity shops or second hand stores but they’re not the same. Charity shops are similar to the Salvation Army/Goodwill and second hand stores sells used stuff – can be anything.

Just another thing that I miss about America. I have to say, as nice as the shops are here and there are tons of sales too, they can’t the capitalist country of the world. Even Singapore, which is suppose to have awesome sales, wasn’t as good as the U.S. in my opinion. No wonder folks who go back to the U.S. after being overseas shop, shop, shop, and shop some more.

So here’s a little card using Practicing Creativity’s stamp and some digital paper by Zoe Pearns at Sweet Shoppe Design: Alphabet Soup for boys. Isn’t the paper CUTE?!?!

Alright, I’ll make this short. I can’t type. My right index finger got eaten by the shed door. I’ve got a huge cut on the side and it HURTS when I type. I’m only typing using nine fingers.


6 thoughts on “Want Consignment Store!

  1. i love consignment stores and goodwill!!! my husband and i make it a point to go into one whenever we travel somewhere. i love being able to reuse something and the DEALS you can get. So far to date my husband wins….. he got a callaway all leather golf bag for $9.99 at our local goodwill when they go for about $600.

    I hope you find one there… i will think about you the next time i go. do share whatever amazing find you get there one day!!! I think i might start doing the same!

  2. Love the card, Savitri. That Hot air balloon stamp from PCD is one of my favorites. And I totally agree with you on the consignment shopping. I have a hard time paying retail price for my clothes when I can get CUTE stuff at my local Goodwill store. One of my friends recently told me that she would love to go shopping with me sometime because she likes the way I dress. I told her I’d love to go shopping with her. I do Salvation Army and Goodwill, take your pick!
    If you ever come to the states and get my way, swing on by and we’ll go consignment shopping together. 🙂

  3. I have to agree with Annie….I spent most of my doe on scrapbook supplies…hardly shor for clothes nowadays 🙂 Love your card! It just reminds me to use my stamp too 🙂

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