Wplus 9 Day 3

Guiding Light, Wplus9 August

It’s day three at WPlus9 and that’s the day that Dawn usually reveals the full sets that will be available for sale the next day! Today I have this little card to share and this is another one of my saved card. Let me share you the details…

If you look at the whole card it looks like everything was suppose to be where they are. But if you knew exactly what happened it wasn’t quite the case. If you look at the image below you’d see some white speckles here and there. Well, here’s the tip of the day for you: don’t be lazy, get up from your comfy chair, and find that anti-static beanie (I use a Stampin’ Up! one and love it when I use it) that you’re suppose to use BEFORE you ink and wet emboss. I wasn’t quite happy with the tiny white dots and thought that some ink spraying might just fix it. So I did and I think the blue and while specs look like they’re suppose to be there.

Guiding Light, WPlus9 August

Then the ribbon, lace and white piece of paper. They weren’t suppose to be there. This was suppose to be a non-bulky CAS card. What happened was I stamped the sentiment and I didn’t realize that I got ink on the block that I was using for the clear stamp. So right where the paper is there’s a horizontal line. URGH!! Initially I just had the ribbon but it looked odd sitting there like that and so I added the lace and then used the paper to really cover up the line. Oh, can you see how the bow’s tied? The ends of the ribbon are barely showing. I left it this way because it looked cute and also because that’s all I had but really wanted to use it. This came from M’s sheets. If you shop at Pottery Barn Kids you’ll notice thse on their packaging. So so soft. Makes me want to go into their employee room and grab me a roll of this, ha ha!!

Guiding Light, Wplus9 August

Alright, that’s it!! Do check out the other DT’s work to see what they’ve done for day 3! I definitely will but first I need to go to the market for some food. Us girls need some fresh fruits and bread!


Cardstock: Stampin’ Up!
Stamps: WPlus9 Guiding Light
Ink: Stampin’ Up!
Accessories: PBK ribbon, lace unknown, twine from Annie49 Etsy, and button from PTI

6 thoughts on “Wplus 9 Day 3

  1. It’s the journey, darlin’! WHAT a colorful one it was for YOU {tee hee} BUT look how wonderful the end result turned out to be! I’m SO married to kraft c/s for my cards this round … {had…to….break…. FREE for the final card! *Gasp!*} There’s just something so natural about that look and these glorious images! Mighty fine work you’ve kicked out here! Yee HAW!

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