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A lot of things have been happening in my crafty and personal life the last two weeks and I am over the moon happy. I’ve been keeping everything a secret, one for over a month now, because I have to and also because I don’t want to jinx it. So without further ado, I know that some people are just about ready to jump and shake my secrets out of me, here they are…

  1. We got our house SOLD!! Yes, we closed last Wednesday and our paperwork got to the bank Friday afternoon CST. UPS International express ain’t cheap I tell ya! After our failed renter (they backed out due to personal issues the day before they were suppose to move in) we didn’t want to share this sale until it was all done with so not to jinx it. It finally closed, earlier than scheduled, and what a relief for us!! It’s tough having a house across the miles. It wasn’t just the mortgage but there’s also maintenance involved. We’re lucky that we have awesome neighbor friends to help us while we find a renter/new owner but if we didn’t have them, who knows. We’d have to rely on others which although paid to manage properties for a living cannot watch over our house as well as our neighbors. It’s also hard on our finances to maintain two homes. Granted we still have extra each month I had to really tighten up. I might be laid back with a lot of things but when it comes to finances I am really strict. For the grown-ups it hasn’t been bad. Me not buying new stamps every month was no big deal. But even though M’s been really good it’s heart breaking for me to tell her that she couldn’t have something just because it’ was an extra expense. She never ask for much to begin with so saying no to the little she asked was more tough on me than anything else. Seeing her sad face was no fun! The sale of the house also opens up something for me: a Ph.D. program. But we’ll see. I can’t do much right now that requires that much commitment and brain cells because Jovie still needs a lot of attention. I am hoping though that next fall would be a different story. We’ll see. I need to talk to somebody first. I need to go to London, to a University that has the program I am interested in!
  2. I got invited to be a Waltzingmouse Mischief Maker!! What’s that? Well go check it out!! The team was by invitation only and so how surprised and excited was I when one morning I saw the email invite?! I’ve always loved WM’s stamps and it’s an honor to have been asked to be a part of their wonderful and talented team. Do visit their blog tomorrow. There’s a great new sketch AND a prize for one lucky winner. You don’t have to use WM’s stamps to play but if you do and you win who know, you might get an extra goodie or two {::SMILE}.
  3. Last but not least I have been accepted to be the 2010-2011 Pebbles Inc design team!!! I was soooooooo excited when I received the email yesterday for a few reasons. The first was because: Their stuff is so cute!! The second was because this was one of my goals after I got here. I have more time now to craft and I thought that it’d just be great if I can design for a paper manufacturer. I have to mention two people here, they might not know that they had any influence on my decision but they did: Sasha Halloway and Sarah Martina. Sasha got accepted into a team recently and she said that if you don’t try you never know. After Sarah got her Crate Paper gig I told her I’d like to try and she said to go for it. So I went for it and gave it a shot. I really didn’t think I’d get it though because my email to them was lame. I basically told them that I have no examples using Pebble’s stuff (and I looked!) but I’d like to be a part of their team. I guess they must have liked my gallery because here I am!!! You should check out who’s in the team with me. I actually don’t know any of them but from quickly browsing their stuff they are very very talented. When I mentally compared my craft resume to theirs I think I’m the least published with the least amount of awards to be in the team. The third reason was just cause the news came after two other happy news. It was just a tad bit overwhelming.

So there they are. Nobody but our neighbor friends in MO know of #1. We just really wanted it to happen and if the sale fails it’ll just be less people to tell.

Have I gotten Miss M something? She was THE first to get a special treat. Thursday we went to this place called Scribbles. She’s been wanting to paint a ceramic box for weeks. She was so happy at Scribbles. She took her time and really enjoyed the process. It was fun watching her too while chasing Jovie around the safe side of the shop (mostly under the table). If you’re wondering what M drew, she was drawing her face, stitches from her 3-yr-old accident included.

M at Scribbles

Jovie at Scribbles

To celebrate my wonderful news and also a 6-month stamp company anniversary I have a blog candy that’s sponsored by WPlus9! To win just leave me a comment and tell me which of WPlus9’s stamp you’d like to win (you can change your mind on which set to get if you win the candy) and what’s made your day this week. Remember that there are FOUR new sets coming out in a few days and if you haven’t been keeping up, go to the previous posts to see the new releases’ peaks and the links to the other DTs creations. Have a great one and thank you all for being wonderful blog friends and readers!! If you’re new to my blog and would like to subscribe, look to the top right of my blog and you’ll see an elephant’s butt. Click on it.

Deadline: August 12th by 12 p.m. CST

29 thoughts on “FABULOUS News + Candy!

  1. Congrats on all of the great news. Your work is amazing and you will do those challenges and companies proud.

    I haven’t gotten any Wplus9 stamps yet as I haven’t the extra money but I would love to get my hands on the Woodgrain Silhouettes set.

  2. So very very happy for you. Weird how you can be thrilled for a person that you’ve never physically met before! Congratulations on all three items. I saw #2 earlier on the WMS blog and was wondering when you’d share the news. And thanks for the tips for #3. I’ve met some of my crafty goals this year too! Wplus9 aaaah, love everything from that company but the newest background set has me intrigued. The Design Basics Background 2 I think it is called….

  3. Congrats on EVERYTHING:) HOOOORAY for selling your house! Awesome news about your new teams:) You are FABULOUS!!!

    As for me–this week was my birthday–and I finally celebrated it. I normally don’t, and it’s a long story (not because of getting old, just because it wasn’t a big deal growing up)….this year, my husband was sad because I wouldn’t celebrate it. He said, “It’s my day–the day you were made for me!” It melted my heart–so we celebrated! That made me super happy:)

    And for a stamp set–THANKS! I would love just about any set they have…but I love the Birds & the Bees set. SO FUN! THANKS for the chance to win:)

    Congrats again!

  4. Congrats to you and the family on the sale of the house. I am sure it must be some big relief. I am happier still for the lil misses coz now Mommy will get them something really special 😉

    Congrats to you on all the crafty news that you shared. You deserve each of them! All the best for your PhD plans!

    Thank you for the chance to win some candy. Though I like most of the WPlus9 stamps, I am really fond of the backgrounds. To choose one, it would be Backgrounds 1 (or Mehndi Medallions) 😉

    What made my day this week?… hmmm… it has to be my perfect cutlets yesterday 😀


  5. You are full of fabulous news- the house sale is great! What a relieve that must be for you. Congrats on your new design teams, isn’t it wonderful to have friends who encourage you along the way?

    I love the Birds & The Bees set-it’s super cute!

  6. Wow!! That is a whole lot of goodness packed into just one post. Congrats for all your fabulous news!! I have only heard a little about WPlus9 from your blog, but I just paid them a visit and their stamps are wonderful. It is hard to just pick one, but I absolutely ? The Birds & The Bees set. Something that made my day this week was seeing the look on my moms face when she saw the cake that I made her for her birthday. She said it was too pretty to eat. Thanks for the chance to win!!

    Amy ?

  7. 🙂 I can’t tell you how happy I am for you right now! My heart is just swelling!!! And the funny thing is, you inspire ME more than you know! 🙂 Glad you went for it girly! And even more glad that I get to share in some of it with ya! HUGS!!!

    p.s…. That baby couldn’t look any more like her Daddy! Lol. She’s so adorable. 😉

  8. Well look at you, Miss Something Something, with her name splattered all over world on dozens of internet sites today!! Everywhere I look, there you are! *grin* A big, warm congratulations to you, my most talented friend! Very well deserved! Your creative world domination is well on its way!

    Congrats on the house closing too! That’s one I hadn’t read about yet! hee! hee!

    Oh, yeah, the goodies…thanks for sharing…I would love that Medallion stamp set, love the look of “doilies”!

  9. Congrats again Savitri, such wonderful news def call for a celebration! Well, hmm, I had my eyes of Love Birds but I finally got the set, hehe, now Guiding Lights looks like a very fun and masculine stamp set to have!


  10. I am so happy you got your house sold girl, I totally understand how that can be a stress point. GIRL CONGRATS ON BOTH OF THOSE invitations .. .girl you are SUCH an inspiration as well you have NO idea .. you are VERY sweet and thank you girl ..

    Real talk YOU ROCK.

  11. wowwee… Congrats my dear.. on all the good news. So happy and excited.. you total deserved coz you are such a talented crafter 🙂 Happy that so many things are totally going your way 😀

  12. What great news Savitri – that awesome….getting the house sold is enough to send you over the top I am sure but then the two fabby design team invites – what a great week. So happy for you and can not wait to see more of your super creative style with these fun new products! Congrats girlie – loving it!

  13. Doing the “happy dance” for you girl, not to be confused with my “it’s almost Friday” dance.

    I always love to here when food people are blessed with good news! And though you know you are incredibly talented…it’s always intoxicating to have it validated by others. Congratulations all of your great news!

  14. Congrats, Savitri! I know that having your house sell must be a big relief, and your design teams are lucky to have you. I have so enjoyed getting to see parts of England through your blog in addition to the stamping. I really love what you did with the Mehndi Medallions, so if I win, that’s what I want! –Elena

  15. Huge congrats to you on the DT stint & also ur hse!! Glad that you tried out for Pebbles & can’t wait to see ur creations! I’d love to win this stamp: Mehndi Medallions – 4 x 6 set. Such pretty design! Btw, saw ur featured card & it’s beautiful 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. Wowza girly! Somebody must have been a good girl – Karma’s being kind to you!! Super excited for all this fab stuff going on. Congrats! You so deserve every bit of it!! Just don’t go forgettin’ about us little people!! LOL. 🙂

  17. WOW! That is fabulous news to hear Savitri!! No wonder you are on cloud nine! Best to you in your designing positions, have lots of fun with it! So deserving, glad everything is going so well! You are the best!

  18. Congratulations on all of your great news! Truly reasons to celebrate! I love Dawn’s fresh and charming designs and strolling through your blog to see the treasures you have made with them! I would have to say that Mehndi Medallions (love love love your 8-4 card!!!) and Woodgrain are at the top of my wish list. What has made my day is all the craft time I was able to squeeze in!

  19. Congratulations on all the happy news!! Wishing you continued success with all the crafting – your style is so unique and inspiring! I haven’t tried WPlus9 stamps – but loving all the Magical Moments examples!! That set is so elegant…

  20. Congratulations on your wonderful news – I know I am excited to work with you on the WM team. I am really enjoying catching up on your blog, too. I have been eyeing the new Magical Moments set.. you’ve made some fantastic things with it!

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