Celebrate Today

Celebrate Today

Today was a great day… actually this week should be a great week because:

  • I have everybody here with me, no school for M and off work for hubby
  • I got a lot of projects done
  • I got invited to do something super fun — still a secret {::SMILES}
  • We did all the dishes (BIG deal for me!!)
  • We had a yummy salmon dinner, no head!

Here’s one project I did today. I used 2S4Y’s sketch for this card. I was going through some die-cuts and found this butterfly. I think I prefer it a bit bigger but it’s pretty cute. The designer paper I used came from the DigiChick. Which speaking off… not about the DigiChick but my printer… I am not very happy with Canon. I have a printer which is for sale in the U.S. and the UK BUT the ink has two different chip models and of course I can only buy my ink in the U.S. Since today’s printers uses a chip on the ink cartridges, even though the ink cartridges are the same exact ones, the printer will not register the new cartridges unless they carry the right code… which is stored in the chip. So so lame!! So I thought of removing the chip from my old ink cartridge and gluing it on the new one but then I read that these ink chips also tells the printer that it’s full, half full or empty. So even if I did swap my printer will think that I have an empty ink cartridge. GRR!! I’ve been wanting to print some new papers from the store but I’m just going to have to be content with old leftovers until I get my shipment in from Newegg. GRR!!

The printer is not going to make my week any less fun… it’s just frustrating. Oh, how about the base? They don’t carry Cannon inks. They carry everything else under the sun but no Cannons. GRR GRR GRR!!!

8 thoughts on “Celebrate Today

  1. I love the simplicity of this card, nice blue daisy background,love the fact that you have stappled the crumpled ribbon. 😀
    Holidays are always great, and always a time of cheer n moments 😀

    I was gonna:)get my colour printer fixed for months :p, So that I can more stuff with background. mine is HP office jet multifunction. Hope that it is repairable:)My first DT stint starts next week.. just so nervous abt it… 🙂

    Have a great week with your family. 🙂

  2. oooh…. lovely! Great combo, I must say. Hey, love that you’re enjoying yourself in London…. wish I can drop by and say hi to your girls! 😀

  3. Gorgeous card! Love that butterfly and ribbon! I hear ya on the printers, they have to be one of the most frustrating items ever made, even without cross-country chip cartridge problems!

  4. Sorry about the printer issues, but HAPPY for your lovely day, regardless. Like the bulleted high points, perfectly punctuated by this terrific card – are you crafty! I love it!

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