Seriously the Sweetest Thing

Two Sisters

Life is short, life is an adventure, life can be selfish and/or giving, life can be hard and it can really suck to not know what the future will hold or if things don’t go our way, but life is full of sweetness if you take a moment to feel, hear, and look. I had a very sweet moment today, a few actually, but this was the most profound. A moment I want to always remember forever…

Journaling: “I have to share this story with you girls… today you were very sad little M. Tomorrow will be your teacher’s last day, retiring after 27 years, and you wouldn’t be seeing here again next school year. You cried and cried on mommy. Despite only being her student for three months she made a huge impact on you. Your sister, who was once playing, realized how sad you were. So she scooted over and she patted your back. Then she came closer and held you. You turned around and Jovie reached out to give you more hugs. You two held each other. Jovie then pulled back, but not to be done, but to give you some sweet kisses and then more hugs. I’ve seen many sweet moments between you two but tonight was the sweetest thing. I know how much you care about Jovie, Emma, it shows from the photo above… overly protective big sister… but tonight we both saw how much your little sister loves you. You two make me so happy! Always cherish the little moments like this!!

I’ve been truly blessed in this lifetime but having these two in my life really completes me.

Page Note:

This is a digital page, digital Kit by Paislee Press: Storyteller, but you can easily recreate this using the traditional paper and glue method. Grab those rub-ons that you haven’t used in ages and try using your own handwriting… or grab those sentiment rub-ons that you got forever ago. Do be careful when using white gel pens… a lot are terrible. They just don’t run smoothly. I usually don’t journal much on a traditional scrapbook but I do on a digital just because it’s so easy and tidy. But again, not something you can’t do on a traditional page.

Under title: “there were two sisters who loved each other very much.”

Font used: Mistral

5 thoughts on “Seriously the Sweetest Thing

  1. Awww…look at that! The back view photo is just precious and the sentiment really says it all, love the clean and gentle look of this LO!

  2. Very cute layout. Your story brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of my younger sister, who now lives oceans away in the US. 🙂
    My husband and i decided to have just one kid. But I know nobody can replace a sibling in one’s life and i am wondering if we took the right decision. (hmmm… We still have time to reverse it though 😉 )
    thanks for sharing this wonderful moment.


  3. thanks so much for sharing. So heartwarming and so beautiful. I never had a sis, but 4 bros.. and we dont do hugs lol. But we know we are there for each other. I have no kids, so to read this is so beautiful, and made my eyes teary. And blessed you are!

    Love the layout, one of my favourite piece, because its a story from the heart 😀

  4. WOW! Such a beautiful journaling Savitri!! Your gals are the most adorable! I always hear stories about siblings rivalry but M and Jovie’s love for each other is so amazing! You are a great mom!

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