The Hubby and I

Circus Fun Clear and Simple Stamps

We have chickens running around our garden (or yard). This conversation happened a few evenings ago. The sun was just setting and the chickens were all in bed.

Hubby: I wonder how long chickens sleep
Me: I don’t know, why don’t you go out and sleep with them so that you can find out
Hubby: {glare} I hate you
Me: Ha ha ha….

Hey, that was a legitimate answer don’t you think?

Sometimes I feel sorry for the guy. He met me at a dance club — I was on the dance floor. Before last week I thought I was a decent dancer and waaaay better than Elaine (Seinfeld). But I guess not. Remember the BBQ I went to at M’s school? They had music there and M and her friends were dancing around. Jovie wanted to join but she couldn’t of course and so I danced around with her. Two ladies, two separate occasions, walked by and asked if I was ok.

After the BBQ I asked hubby this:

Me: If I am such a terrible dancer how did I attract your attention?
Hubby: Beer goggles, I had beer goggles
Me: What’s that?
I can’t remember what he said exactly but the point of it was
Hubby: Things look better when one’s drunk
Me: Whatever

Seriously though, if one’s drunk wouldn’t an Elaine kind of dance make one throw up?

Here’s a fun little card that I created using Clear and Simple Stamps: Circus Fun and Practicing Creativity: Live Up! Have you seen Moxie Fab’s Trigger Tuesday? Thought this card works well with the theme.

Ok, short and sweet. I’ll post more later!


Cardstock: Clear and Simple Stamps and Stamin’ Up!
Pattern paper: American Craft
Stamps: Clear and Simple Stamps and Practicing Creativity
Ink: Stampin’ Up!
Accessories: Marta Stewart ribbon, Prima flowers, CB embossing template

14 thoughts on “The Hubby and I

  1. Cute card! And thanks for the chuckle. You should pull up the country song Beer Goggles. I think it is by Daryl Worley. Then you will know what beer goggles are!

  2. OMG!!! You completely crack me up as this would be a conversation my husband and I would have. Too funny!

    Great card, love the little banner and the image on the colored cardstock works well.

  3. I love your card, you sure know how to dress a card colors and texture.. just nice! Love it that way:).

    My hubby and I rarely jokes… I wish more humour.. but just got to deal with it :p He is an IT geek, and I am totally at the opp end.. I dont know how we got together hahaha.. sometimes it takes years to know that.. He is a wonderful good man, does most of the chores at home except cooking and lets me have all the time in the world to craft.. that I cant complain. 🙂

  4. cute cute cute! luv the elephant! you and yer hubby crack me up, always a smart-ass, da two of you! hehe 🙂 Well, at least people dunn think yer having an epilepsy moment in confusion of yer dancing, hehe ;o)


  5. Well, with the beer goggles, things were fuzzy, so he couldn’t quite take in all of your dance moves (I’m guessing). But the real question is, has he sobered up yet? If so, you are golden! And I like your answer about the chickens, that was an excellent ploy to get the bed all to yourself, ahhhhh!

    By the way, your card is FABULOUS! =)

  6. Hey Savitri! Thanks for entering the Let’s Do Fun & Cute Card Style Week challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I’m so glad you joined in on the fun!

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