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M’s school break. Tomorrow’s her last day and she’ll be done with her year 1 aka kindergarten. My baby is growing up!!! Waaaaaaaaaay too fast!! I think this is why Jovie’s not growing up. I keep telling her to take her time and she might actually be listening to me!

I’ll be busy the next few days planning our outings amongst other things. I have a few projects I want to finish too that’s work related. They’re all fun stuff, just need to find the time. Speaking of work, I’ve been asked by our neighbor to help him here and there with his project… the computer stuff. I love it. I haul the kids to his place, let them play with his girls and I chit-chat while I do my thing. Awesomeness!! I’ve been taking photos too but haven’t been happy with the end results. I am either hard on myself or I totally suck.

Hubby’s going to be gone too for a bit. Usually I don’t share this stuff until he returns because we used to live in the middle of nowhere but now we’re smack in the middle of civilization and if there were no walls the neighbors would be here all the time chit-chatting. They’re just all super friendly and the neighborhood watch is tight… so tight one of them told me exactly where my package was when I myself couldn’t find it (couldn’t read the delivery guy’s hand writing too… I thought it said: left in road — ended up being the shed).

I did a card last night. It’s a simple card but it was soooo hard to do because I was trying to incorporate a few different challenges. This card is based 2Sketches4You sketch, two SCS Dirty Girls challenges: this, this and this (sorry can’t tell you exactly what, it’s part of the deal, you have to be an SCS paid member to play along), and WPlus9 All Eyes on: Embossing.

The card is VERY simple, just run it through an embossing template, I used a Cuttlebug embossing folder, crinkled a piece of ribbon. On this particular one the ribbon I used has a piece of thread going through the middle. I just pulled it and pushed the ribbon back. You can have more or less crinkles. Up to you really. For the edges I just used fabric glue and then I fabric-glued everything to the card. Last but not least I stamped, trimmed, and used dimensionals to adhere the fishes. Oooh, sentiment and bubbles, yes, those were the very last pieces I added.

Ok, that’s that. I did this post fairly quickly!! Yes me! Sometimes Jovie doesn’t mind playing by herself. This afternoon we’re going to M’s school to listen to her sing with her class/the whole school. Laters!!

8 thoughts on “Almost…

  1. This is so sweet and lovely .. and I love teh simplicity.

    Wow.. you are a genious at the computer :). I need to learn Illustrator and Photoshop and… take better pictures.. those are to do list :D.

  2. such a cute card! glad to hear you are settling in well there in the uk. i heard it’s been the sunniest summer there in a long time! enjoy!!

  3. What?! We aren’t supposed to tell about the challenges?! Oops! I didn’t share the sketch, but I figured the deal was you couldn’t win the prizes if you weren’t a Fan Club member, my bad!! Anyway, the card is super CUTE! That embossing folder is perfect for those darling fishes!

  4. Cute! Love that embossing plate with the fish! And M is just getting out of school? Mine are just about to go back! That just seems weird! 🙂

  5. darling! Ironically when I made the sketch I thought of fish and underwater scenes too. Love how yours turned out Hon

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